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06 August 2013 @ 06:14 pm

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Okay, so, I never wanted to have friends only journal. (No matter how much I love the banners.) And some posts will still be open (and old posts won't be closed), but the dafult for new posts now is friends only and so you guys deserve a warning. (Mostly, because I will be probably more often than not forgetting to change the setting before posting.)

If you're not my friend, but would like to be: add me.

Yeah, I'm serious. You may comment here to tell me, why are you adding me or something. But if you don't feel like talking to people (it happens, I know), just add me. I have open friending policy. If you're not a spam-bot I will even add you back. :)

(So if you do seem like a spam bot, but aren't, you may want to comment/PM, just to be sure.)
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12 November 2016 @ 09:55 pm
No, seriously, I will make a real post. I still have tomorrow, don't I? ;) But for now let's start another round of this game! Only 8 contestants still with us! Woohoo! :D

First though, let's say goodbye to: Rupert Graves and Rani Mukherjee

I have to give it to you, you really keep on voting off people who look really great together. (Well done, I guess? XD) Now, here is the hoping that with less contestants we will have less tie-breakers! :) (One can hope.)

Onto the voting! :)

Round 6!Collapse )
29 October 2016 @ 09:07 pm
First of all: hello to my new friends from the latest friending meme! :D And all of my old friends as well, of course ;) This week was a bit hectic, but I will eventually post a proper real life related entry. For now though lets focus on the celeb battle polls! :D

Ladies, gentlemen and non-binary folks! We closed another round of Celeb Aesthetic Battle! AND THERE IS NO TIE THIS TIME! Can you believe it? I'm almost as happy about it as I am weirded out by who you voted off. (These polls are always so hilarious and unexpected, you never know who will be voted off!) And whatever I can say about your choices, you sure are picing up good casts for my fake romcoms! Just look at them!

And now that we've said goodbye to Luke Arnold and Amara Karan, let's go to voting for round 4! :D

Round 4: VotingCollapse )

(Also, somehow my baby is still in the running, I'm impressed. I'm 75% sure you're not voting for him to save my feelings, but I'm still impressed XD)

24 October 2016 @ 12:04 am
Next week is gonna be quite hectic, so I'm closing the tie-breaker quickly - and with a pained heart - and we're on to the round three! (Which probably will close next weekend, and seriously guys, can we avoid a tie this time? Please? XD)

This week we say goodbye to Preity Zinta and Abhishek Bachchan (and our bollywood-loving hearts are crying dramatically in the distance).

Now follow the cut and vote for who should we take off the list in the round 3!

ROUND 3 VOTINGCollapse )
22 October 2016 @ 08:49 pm
Celeb aesthetic battle part 2b, because we have a tie. (Again.) Vote for the one guy who should be voted OFF.

Poll #2056110 who should be voted off?
This poll is closed.

who should be voted off?

John Cho
Abhishek Bachchan
16 October 2016 @ 04:05 pm
Celeb aesthetic battle, part 2! yay! Today we're saying goodbye to Scarlett Johansson and Jason Statham.

the fake romcom was made too

Now, let's continue the voting! Please vote for ONE man and ONE woman that should be taken OFF the list. :)

Celeb battle part 2Collapse )
11 October 2016 @ 08:39 pm
I've closed the poll a day earlier, because a) it seems no one new was voting lately and b) my plans have changed and I will have less time tomorrow than I estimated.

So, the first round is almost over, we shall remember it as the one in which I begged you to avoid the tie-breaks and you ignored me completely. ;) This time tie-breaks will be sorted out in proper, official way by additional voting, but tbh I find it so annoying I'm willing to make up extra rules to avoid it the next time. (ie. asking my mum to decide, since someone has to and I'm biased. I will be hurting myself with this as well, because we rarely share taste in looks. XD)

Good news is: you did not vote of my baby in the first round. I'm happy. We can remain friends. :) I look forward to you voting him off next round.

Now, the tie breakers! :)

Poll #2055441 Who should be removed from the list?
This poll is closed.

Who should be removed from the list?

Arden Cho
Scarlet Johansson

Poll #2055442 Who should be voted off the list?
This poll is closed.

Who should be voted off the list?

Rupert Graves
Jason Statham
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06 October 2016 @ 12:15 am
After all, and not at all because I was supposed to be writing, I've decided to do the celeb battle.

Basic rules for those who don't know or have forgotten them:
- You vote for ONE guy and ONE lady (you need to vote in two who should be taken out of the competition.
- I repeat, you vote for those you find LEAST aesthetically pleasing.
(That changes in the final, but we will discuss that, when we get there. ;))

We'll do 10 rounds and then the final with three candidates. (Because I prefer it, when there are three candidates in the final, judge me.) I plan to post new poll once a week, but we shall see how it ends. All ties will be decided via another poll. I admit I have a lot of my precious babies on both of those list, but there's one there whose elimination in the first round might cause me to abandon this project. And defriend all of you.

Also, I will probably shamelessly use couples made by falling ouf of the competition together to create more fake romcoms for my tumblr.

Okay, onto the poll. (Click images to see them bigger.)

POLLSCollapse )

Vote on and enjoy! The poll will be closed on Wednsday, 12/10/2016.
03 October 2016 @ 02:41 am
Dear Yuletide Author,

I'm so glad to see you here, it's great that we share enough interests to be paired up in this exchange. ;) Here are some lists of my general squicks and faves, but please know that I'm rather flexible about all the things in my fics, so don't worry too much about these lists. These are just to make your life easier if you struggle to come up with an idea for the story, not to ruin your already existing ideas or motivation.

General dislikes: Most of all non-con. Unless you're really sure it will work, please avoid. Same for dub-con, though here I believe I'm easier to convince and am a great fan of plenty of tropes that automatically assume some level of dub-con. Bestiality / sexual relations with non-humans who are shown as not getting the idea of what's going on / unable to communicate properly. I mostly mention it, 'cause recently I stumbled upon some merfolk and alien fics, which I generally like well enough, but in which the merperson/alien was described too much like an animal? They didn't fully understand what was going on and it made their consent giving abilities kinda shady, if you know what I mean. So yeah, I discovered it is a squick for me.

I don't know why I assume you might be interested in writing me some filthy porn, but hey, better safe than sorry. ;)

In case you're on complete opposite side of porn writing spectrum - meaning, you don't do that - I should also mention I'm not a great fan of gen fics. XD Don't get me wrong, I will read a good one and enjoy it too and I don't care that much for porn actually, but I love me some romance, okay? ;) It's not obligatory, but it's very much welcome. ;)

Also, I have a weird dislike for coffeshops AUS, though often its killed by a good fic, but yeah.

Other dislikes that come to mind: character bashing (especially female characters), too fluffy fics, overly cracky things, role-play.

Things that I like: AUs, fake relationships, banter/dialouge, angst, angst with a happy ending, soulmate aus, soulmate aus gone wrong, mermaids, crack written seriously, magic realism, A/B/O, D/s, getting together fics, enemies to lovers, minor characters, romance, breaking hearts of my fave characters, kid fics, gender bender, asexual!character fics, aromantic!character fics, match-making, slow burn, fix-it fics, filler scenes. (I will possibly add to this list if I come up with something before the assignments are send.)

Specific notes for fandoms/characters I've listed:

BLACK SAILS: I am perfectly happy with any and all mixes of the characters mentioned. (OT4 certainly accepted as well.) Just if you leave someone out - absolute no bashing.

You may also include any other character you wish, though I'd prefer them not be paired up with any of the four I've listed.

Generally I'm obsessed with this fandom atm, so give me anything. Though if you actually give me anything that includes Silver/Miranda, I will possibly pee from joy. But I'm fine without such drastic reactions, so really. ANYTHING. (My favourite for angst is Flint, but they all take it so well.)

WHITECHAPEL: No slash please. I mean, not between Ray and Joe, just no. I've tried it, but it's not my thing after all. In this fandom I actually do prefer gen. Or OCs. *shrugs*

BAD MOMS: I DON'T KNOW. I mostly added it, 'cause I was amazed it was an option D: I loved the movie, I love all the characters. Do what you want to do, I will be happy.

IN THE FLESH: I just miss the show, you know? But I'm all here for Simon/Kieren and also any and all Jem fics. Slash encouraged, but gen will be most certainly very much welcome as well.

That is all. I know it's not hugely informative, but that's why I tried to include as many as possible general likes, so you can be all "Well, if they don't specify, I'm gonna write them mermaid, high-school au, mwahahahaha! Oh, wait, they like it. Cool."

Basically - boldly go and write me anything :D

03 July 2016 @ 10:35 pm
Hey, so I cleaned up my flist.

I spend less time here now and can't devote as much time as before to regularly checking up my flist. Not to mention I get plenty of notifications about birthdays and stuff like that about people who hadn't been on LJ for years.

So, I went through my list of friends and edited the heck out of it. (Cutting down the amount of friends and communities in half.)

I mostly de-friended people who were either inactive for years or with whom I felt I've had no connection, even the vaguest ones of simply reading each other's posts.

Still, I suck at remembering usernames and also, while editing, I've clicked something wrong and had to start again, so it's a strong possibility I've made some mistakes. So, if I de-friended you and you feel like I shouldn't have and would like to stay LJ friends - let me know, comment here or message me if you're cooler with that.

Same goes for all of you who I defriended, but who now plan on going back to LJ or something and would like to remain friends.

And those who are not active on LJ, but actually still read up their flist or something and for whatever reason would like the full access to my entries.

On the other hand, if you're reading this and thinking "Damn, she did not unfollow me and now it's awkward, 'cause I've planned to unfollow her." Feel free to do so. It won't be awkward, I promise. ;)

PS. If you have de-friending notifications turned off and have no idea if I unfriended you or not - you will not be able to see most of my latest posts like this one.

I honestly don't think I cut anyone who would mind, but as mentioned - I make mistakes very easily. ;)
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