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06 August 2013 @ 06:14 pm

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Okay, so, I never wanted to have friends only journal. (No matter how much I love the banners.) And some posts will still be open (and old posts won't be closed), but the dafult for new posts now is friends only and so you guys deserve a warning. (Mostly, because I will be probably more often than not forgetting to change the setting before posting.)

If you're not my friend, but would like to be: add me.

Yeah, I'm serious. You may comment here to tell me, why are you adding me or something. But if you don't feel like talking to people (it happens, I know), just add me. I have open friending policy. If you're not a spam-bot I will even add you back. :)

(So if you do seem like a spam bot, but aren't, you may want to comment/PM, just to be sure.)
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03 July 2016 @ 10:35 pm
Hey, so I cleaned up my flist.

I spend less time here now and can't devote as much time as before to regularly checking up my flist. Not to mention I get plenty of notifications about birthdays and stuff like that about people who hadn't been on LJ for years.

So, I went through my list of friends and edited the heck out of it. (Cutting down the amount of friends and communities in half.)

I mostly de-friended people who were either inactive for years or with whom I felt I've had no connection, even the vaguest ones of simply reading each other's posts.

Still, I suck at remembering usernames and also, while editing, I've clicked something wrong and had to start again, so it's a strong possibility I've made some mistakes. So, if I de-friended you and you feel like I shouldn't have and would like to stay LJ friends - let me know, comment here or message me if you're cooler with that.

Same goes for all of you who I defriended, but who now plan on going back to LJ or something and would like to remain friends.

And those who are not active on LJ, but actually still read up their flist or something and for whatever reason would like the full access to my entries.

On the other hand, if you're reading this and thinking "Damn, she did not unfollow me and now it's awkward, 'cause I've planned to unfollow her." Feel free to do so. It won't be awkward, I promise. ;)

PS. If you have de-friending notifications turned off and have no idea if I unfriended you or not - you will not be able to see most of my latest posts like this one.

I honestly don't think I cut anyone who would mind, but as mentioned - I make mistakes very easily. ;)
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This is so wrong, but man, I love it.
Mycroft Holmes/Sherlock Holmes Fic Recs

I've decided to go back to doing rec-lists, like I've planned ages ago, and here is the first one. Enjoy if that happens to be your cup of tea. Comments are always appreciated, so are suggestions (ask for new rec lists or suggestions of fics that should be added here or whatever comes to mind). If you like a fic you find here - consider leaving feedback on the story to brighten up the author's day. :)

This is so wrong, but man, I love it. - Holmescest.Collapse )

Full list of posted rec lists can be found here.
So, since r_a_j_ka is a boring responsible person and went to sleep, I figured I could do another rec post. Mostly 'cause messing with her tumblr got boring. She will kill me enough for logging her out of LJ, I guess. ^_^ The post will be short, because it's freakin' late and I'm lazy. I apparently have more hooker fics saved than I expected, so have my two favourite characters for hooker aus. (Seriously, I have seperate tags for them, apparently.)

(Also: The horrible frustration of trying to write something quickly on someone else's keyboard.)

Day 9. AUs are fucking best: Hooker Au.

Teen Wolf - Hooker!StilesCollapse )

Star Trek AOS - Hooker!JimCollapse )

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05 October 2015 @ 08:56 am
Since I'm already late to work trash, have another rec post. Why not? Day 4: Crossover af. (With Aveners.) Basically this should be a list of things nicely crossovered with MCU. However, I suck at time managment and organisation, so have just two (and a half) examples of such awesome crossovrs. (BTW, I thought of doing "all fandoms cross with Harry Potter", but it seemed obvious. And like a lot of work.)

Avengers crssovers oh yeahCollapse )

Rectober day three, and I'm already slippin': All the single ladies. Well, in the end, it will be just one badass lady: Pansy Parkinson. And just three fics all about her. (She's awesome, I love her.)

Pansy Parkinson - In some fic and a bit of artCollapse )

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Rectober day two: "Nobody loves that asshole like I do." - PHILIP ANDERSON.

A full rec list of fics about and heavily including Philip Anderson. I will probably need to make these lists even shorter (like top three or something fics, depanding on the prompt) due to the painful lack of time I have for enjoying this meme. But for now I finally have the weekend after attending 8 hours long training on my day off, so I shall indulge rec hungry chaps and my Anderson love. ;)

Anderson. Philip Anderson. Nobody will ever ask where he got this fake Jack The Ripper body from, hm?Collapse )

03 October 2015 @ 12:53 am
Prompt number one from my self-made rec-meme - I like this AU.. And here comes the rec list for alpha/beta/omega AU. If you don't know what omega verse is, check this handy explenation on fanlore wiki. Or ask me. Apparently I've became the person who explains it randomly to whomever asks. Sometimes at parties. Among normal people. It's fun. 10/10 would recomend. (I actually considered writing a meta comparing the use of a/b/o trope in Johnlocks and Mystrades. Let me know if you'd like to read this shit.) Anyway, onto the rec! (Probably the very first part of the recs in this theme, since I frickin love it. I'm just too lazy to sort through the full mess of my saved up links.)

01. I like this AU. - Alpha/Beta/Omega Rec Post

Kingsman (2)Collapse )

Sherlock BBC (8)Collapse )

Teen Wolf (1)Collapse )

There are way more of those, even in my saved up links, but I am tired and it is late, so for now this is the end.
My plan for rectober 2015:

1. I like this AU. (Alpha/Beta/Omega Rec List)
2. Nobody loves that asshole like I do. (Philip Anderson Rec List)
3. All the single ladies. (Pansy Parkinson Rec List)
4. Crossover af. (Crossovers with the Avengers Tiny Rec List)
5. Queer it up.
6. I will go down with this ship.
7. This is also an AU I like.
8. I generally like AUs, okay?
9. AUs are fucking best.
10. Especially, when they're queer af. (And you can believe they're not AUs.)
11. This ship is so small I feel like the goddamnt Captain Jack Sparrow, but I'm still the Captain damn it and this is my tiny submarine, so suck it.
12. I haven't seen a better pair since I tried Nutella with peanut butter.
13. I like to creep people out with those.
14. I don't care, I ship it.
15. You're on the canon ground
16. I'm in the crack ship space
17. These broke my heart - check 'em out.
18. My favourite pancackes with Nutella, peanut butter, whipped cream and marshmallows are not half as sweet as this shit.
19. I want this printed in a book form, so I can put it on my bookshelf and look at it fondly sometimes.
20. I can clearly see all that is wrong with those, but I still love them.
21. I don't even know why I like it.
22. Guilty pleasure is an understatement.
23. This is so wrong, but man, I love it.
24. Odd jobs. Including: SERIOUSLY ODD JOBS.
25. I believe in a thing called love.
26. I'm so hot, hot damn!
27. Threesomes, Moresomes, Polyamory <3
28. Were-everybody.
29. Deamon fics. I love them.
30. Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange?
I took another meme, this time from firefish, because I've added some new folks and I thought this would be a nice way to give some basic info about me. I'll probably link to it from the welcoming post, so if anyone would be interested, they will have it all in one place. Also, my brain is too dead to form a proper coherent post of original content.

Name/Nickname: Magda/Andy. In real life, I do also use my actual name ("Magda"), but I prefer Andy.

Age/Birthdate/Sign: 27 / 02 December / Sagittarius

Myers-Briggs (if you know it): I swear I get so many different answers to that. Depending on my mood, depending on the test, depending on phase of the moon... I think most repeated was INTP. I also got INTJ and some others, I think once I even got Extrovert one, so yeah. Hm. *goes to do the first random test* Apparently today I am ENTP. *facepalm* (Okay, I've read up a bit on that and I have to say it does fit. Huh. Me, the extravert. *smh*)

How long have you had your LJ: It'll be ten years in February.

What does your username mean: Nothing, really. I've once wrote a long self-insert fic about me and my friends and we all needed proper names there. Andrea is a name I liked at the moment (never predicting how attached I'll get to "Andy" and how delightfully vague it is) and Deer was a bit of a joke from my actual surname that includes the word for horns.

What is your favorite thing about LJ: That it's slow enough for me to catch up. I can also go back to previous posts and easily find things, which is helpful, because I have a memory of a goldfish. Also, it's so easy to talk/discuss stuff in the comments. And you can have your own journal and participate in communities, I dig that.

What is your least favorite thing about LJ: That so many people left it an so there are fewer posts and if I want some new, LJ-related things like icons, it's hard to find sometimes. Also I'm lately annoyed that differences between icon packages are so big, but that's my issue of not knowing how many icons I want.

What is your motivation on LiveJournal? Motivation to stick with writing here? Well, I like it here. I like enjoying fandom via LJ, it's the way that works best for me.

Have you ever met anyone on your flist in real life? Yep, though most of them I've met first in RL or on other forums, but some I've met just via LJ. I hope to get to meet more later on as well. ;)

Do you have a paid subscription? Yes, I bought it out again recently and I feel like I've bought too many icons. (Considering I still had no time to upload them all.) But yeah, I did it for the icons and for the ability to track comments on kink memes.

Where do you live: Warsaw(-ish)

Do you have an accent? In Polish or in English? I sound like Polish twat in English, but in Polish I sound accentless (which annoys me).

Do you have pets: YES. Since last Friday! And I still keep failing to tell you all about him! He is my own pet, not my parents' or anything, MINE. He is a beautiful, young cat and his name is Meowrice and no one thinks it's funny.

Do you/Did you go to school: Yes, I studied in Gdańsk and got my bachelor degree there (in Polish literature) and then I studied in Łódź for my master's in Culture Studies, but failed to complete it. Now I'm sadly out of school :(

Do you work: Yep. Right now, even. :P

Where/What do you do: Customer Service. I answer calls for oculist clinic help line, I register people for appointments and answer their dumb questions.

Do you have more drama at home or at work: Home. I live with my parents (well, mum and stepdad) at the moment.

Who do you often write about: Me, Myself and I.

What else should readers know: I really do like memes. I warn people about that, but I don't think they realize how bad it is until they friend me. D:
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