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Semi Friends Only // Open Friending Policy

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Okay, so, I never wanted to have friends only journal. (No matter how much I love the banners.) And some posts will still be open (and old posts won't be closed), but the dafult for new posts now is friends only and so you guys deserve a warning. (Mostly, because I will be probably more often than not forgetting to change the setting before posting.)

If you're not my friend, but would like to be: add me.

Yeah, I'm serious. You may comment here to tell me, why are you adding me or something. But if you don't feel like talking to people (it happens, I know), just add me. I have open friending policy. If you're not a spam-bot I will even add you back. :)

(So if you do seem like a spam bot, but aren't, you may want to comment/PM, just to be sure.)
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Post #002: New Year's Cleaning

So, while I can't properly clean my room yet. (The puppy is still causing mayhem, so any serious attempts at cleaning are counter-productive at best.) I've decided to make some online cleaning and I started from LJ.

Basically, I cleaned my flist a bit. I think I mostly defriended people I don't have much contact with anyway, but it's possible I've messed up, because a) I'm shit at remembering nicks, 2) I'm at work and therefore somewhat distracted.

If you're unsure or LJ fails your notification, you can check this post and if you can't see it - you're off the flist. If you'd prefer to stay with me here ;) let me know. :) I can add you back up, no problem.

Also, if you're considering getting me out of your flists - this is a perfect time to do it. I will not be in the slightest offended and consider it part of the cleaning process. (Or I'll try, you know how it is. ;))

Proper New Year related post I plan on this weekend, but I might be forced to deal with puppy delivery, so that might ruin my plans. Cheers! ;)
SH - Sherlock kissin' Mary

Post #001: It's this time of the year again... New Sherlock is out.

So. Due to laziness, disregard for NY resolutions and a messed up sleeping schedule, I've missed work today and watched Sherlock instead. (#such adult, #so responsible) And I believe this deserves a post. Keep in mind that this is pretty much fresh after watching it once, so it's more emotional, less thought through and I might have missed some details.

Regardless, it's all under the cut for spoilering reasons. Also, if you love Sherlock and find no fault in this show, you might not want to read that.

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Dear guys, gals and non-binary pals! On this beautiful holiday-filled evening we shall finally close this year's celeb aesthetic battle and celebrate the winners! :)

# 3rd place goes to Arden Cho (who survived quite a few attempts at being voted off and even one tie breaker) and Chris Pine (who funnily enough was never really close to being voted off but got absolutely no votes in the final).

# 2nd place goes to Sibongile Mlambo (who surprised me greatly as I was sure that since she's not known well she will be quickly voted off!) and Jason Momoa (on whom I actually betted, so there's that...).


Aishwarya Rai (on whom I also betted, so there's that) and Anthony Mackie (who surprised me greatly, but I'm not annoyed).

Thank you all for participating! :D And I have to say, once again you've picked absolutely gorgeous couples! XD
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No, seriously, I will make a real post. I still have tomorrow, don't I? ;) But for now let's start another round of this game! Only 8 contestants still with us! Woohoo! :D

First though, let's say goodbye to: Rupert Graves and Rani Mukherjee

I have to give it to you, you really keep on voting off people who look really great together. (Well done, I guess? XD) Now, here is the hoping that with less contestants we will have less tie-breakers! :) (One can hope.)

Onto the voting! :)

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First of all: hello to my new friends from the latest friending meme! :D And all of my old friends as well, of course ;) This week was a bit hectic, but I will eventually post a proper real life related entry. For now though lets focus on the celeb battle polls! :D

Ladies, gentlemen and non-binary folks! We closed another round of Celeb Aesthetic Battle! AND THERE IS NO TIE THIS TIME! Can you believe it? I'm almost as happy about it as I am weirded out by who you voted off. (These polls are always so hilarious and unexpected, you never know who will be voted off!) And whatever I can say about your choices, you sure are picing up good casts for my fake romcoms! Just look at them!

And now that we've said goodbye to Luke Arnold and Amara Karan, let's go to voting for round 4! :D

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(Also, somehow my baby is still in the running, I'm impressed. I'm 75% sure you're not voting for him to save my feelings, but I'm still impressed XD)

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Next week is gonna be quite hectic, so I'm closing the tie-breaker quickly - and with a pained heart - and we're on to the round three! (Which probably will close next weekend, and seriously guys, can we avoid a tie this time? Please? XD)

This week we say goodbye to Preity Zinta and Abhishek Bachchan (and our bollywood-loving hearts are crying dramatically in the distance).

Now follow the cut and vote for who should we take off the list in the round 3!

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I've closed the poll a day earlier, because a) it seems no one new was voting lately and b) my plans have changed and I will have less time tomorrow than I estimated.

So, the first round is almost over, we shall remember it as the one in which I begged you to avoid the tie-breaks and you ignored me completely. ;) This time tie-breaks will be sorted out in proper, official way by additional voting, but tbh I find it so annoying I'm willing to make up extra rules to avoid it the next time. (ie. asking my mum to decide, since someone has to and I'm biased. I will be hurting myself with this as well, because we rarely share taste in looks. XD)

Good news is: you did not vote of my baby in the first round. I'm happy. We can remain friends. :) I look forward to you voting him off next round.

Now, the tie breakers! :)

Poll #2055441 Who should be removed from the list?
This poll is closed.

Who should be removed from the list?

Arden Cho
Scarlet Johansson

Poll #2055442 Who should be voted off the list?
This poll is closed.

Who should be voted off the list?

Rupert Graves
Jason Statham