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06 November 2009 @ 10:44 pm
Take A Walk Down The Lonely Street 3/4  
Take A Walk Down The Lonely Street - Chapter Three.

For Warnings, Author's Notes, ETC. see the Master Post.


Chapter Three: Suspicious Minds

We're caught in a trap
I can't walk out
Because I love you too much baby


Somehow he assumed he’d automatically become the leader of the investigation. He and Scully didn’t work together anymore, but everyone knew he still felt responsible. The fact that no one knew exactly how much responsibility he felt for her was supposed to work in his favor. That’s why when after night of making calls and arranging the investigation he was introduced to the man who was supposed to lead it, he was a bit threw of the loop.

“Assistant Director Skinner, I believe you’re a very dedicated man and you’d hate to not participate in the investigation of a disappearance of an agent that worked for you for so long, but I also know that you’re an Assistant Director for a reason and you have lots of responsibilities towards people who still do work for you. That’s why I expect your full co-operation with Special Agent Doggett, am I clear?”

“Yes, Director.”

The younger man seated next to Skinner looked up at him with a polite smile, obviously hoping for effective teamwork between them. Walter passed him without a word or a glance, barely containing the first impulse to smack the smile off of his face. Scully was missing and they were playing political games on him. There was no reason to smile at anybody.


He wasn’t sure what felt weirder: acting as if nothing had happened after Scully’s kidnapping, barely reacting by slowing his road trip down or booking a room for two in a motel, for Krycek and himself. He decided the glare Krycek send the kid behind the counter won the race, even if the kid did smirk a bit too much, while watching the two of them.
Mulder moved into the room, wondering mildly why they were even stopping there. Why wasn’t he driving somewhere? At least ahead, just to feel that he’s doing something. Unfortunately trying to trick his brain into thinking that driving equaled progress had gotten old a few miles ago and now he was tired, frustrated and not any closer to finding out where his partner was. He walked to the bed on which Krycek was laying, obviously tired, and quickly snapped the handcuffs on his good arm and headboard. Krycek’s eyes snapped open the moment he heard the first click.

“What the… Mulder! Don’t be ridiculous!”

Mulder ignored him in favor of grabbing his kit from the bag and moving towards the bathroom, hoping for hot shower and relatively clean towels. He smiled slightly, without much energy, when he heard Krycek tugging at the cuffs attempting to free himself.

“Mulder! Are you insane? Uncuff me you freak! It’s not like I’m going anywhere, is it?”

The hot water felt amazing against his tired body, even if standing underneath the shower until it ran cold didn’t solve any problems. Mulder sighed, noticing that he was stalling. Going out again meant not only dealing with Krycek again, but with phonecalls, waiting for phonecalls and that awful fact that Scully was missing and he couldn’t do anything.

“Took you long enough,” stated Krycek dryly.

He was still on the bed, but now sitting up, leaning against the headboard and watching the tv. He held the remote in his hand, Mulder’s cuffs laid on the bedside table as if unused. Mulder sighed again; even just dealing with Krycek wasn’t fun anymore.


So, if an old friend I know
Drops by to say hello
Would I still see suspicion in your eyes?


The air in his office smelled of cigarette smoke and proved that the other man had been waiting for some time. Immediately alert to the impending confrontation he entered his office with as much authority as his “assistant director” title afforded him. He straightened up to his full height, domineering over the room, and clenched his hand over the file he was holding. His other hand automatically hovered near his hip, where his gun was hidden under his suit jacket.
The Smoking Man only smirked up at him, obviously amused with all the threatening gestures. He sucked deeply on his cigarette and then let the breath slowly out, before he finally spoke up.

“Don’t let me stop you, I’m sure you’re very busy. No need to stand petrified only because of little ol’ me.”

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“I’ve heard one of your ex-agents is missing and you’re shockingly moved by it. I was worried.”

“I bet you were. Now get the hell out of here before I’ll throw logic and professional behavior completely out of the window. I’ll break every bone in your body for putting her in danger yet again.”

The growl in his voice obviously sounded uncontrolled enough to shock the older man slightly. He seemed unpleasantly surprised for a second, his face completely blank, but he quickly got his smile back.

“Dear, Mister Skinner, you have no proof that I’ve ever…”

“I’m not stupid,” Walter barked out.

“Then maybe,” started The Smoking Man quietly suddenly looking much more serious and having much less of a good time than just a moment ago, “you should consider asking me more about Agent Scully’s whereabouts if you’re so sure I have something to do with it, instead of so rudely tossing me out.”

Skinner just snorted dismissively.

“Whatever you’re going to tell me is just some BS information that will make us chase our own tails and keep us out of your hair. With a probable side effect of you learning more about Scully’s condition than you have any right to know. Now get the hell out of my office, before I throw you out the window.”

Yet another half finished cigarette ended in the previously clean ashtray in Skinner’s office. The Smoking Man stood up, already reaching for the ever-present pack of Morley’s and took out another cigarette. It was almost as if only the first few millimeters of the cigarette were worth him smoking.

“You’re making a big mistake, Skinner.”

“I know. But the FBI frowns at people being randomly thrown out the windows. An innocent bystander could get hurt.”

The parting glare from the older man made Skinner believe it was just a tiny bit worth it. He, at least, felt a bit better.


It turned out that driving was more tiring than one though it should be. As always Mulder couldn’t fall asleep right away and was kept on the edge between dead tired and sleep that insomnia loved so much. It was even more awkward, because he could hear Krycek in the other bed, even if he avoided talking to him. The last thing he needed was a midnight heart to heart with a lying and disloyal assassin. Even if he was tempted to start asking questions, just to check if Krycek was really only pretending to be asleep.
Still, when Mulder finally did fall asleep, he seemed to sleep like a rock and that was something of a personal accomplishment for him. Perhaps that’s why he was not overjoyed with the pack of sunflower seeds landing on his face and waking him up.

“Breakfast,” announced Krycek from his place by the small table, nodding to the take-out containers standing on it.

There was also coffee and that was the main reason why Mulder mercifully decided to not kill Krycek just yet.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing wandering around? Isn’t it bad enough that I agreed to travel around with your traitorous ass in my passenger seat, now I have to trust you, while you trawl around when I’m sleeping?! How many times do I have to tell you to not to fucking move?”

“Actually,” started Krycek factuallt. “You’ve never said that.”

“It was insinuated when I handcuffed you to make sure you stayed put,” answered Mulder sharply.

Krycek raised his eyebrows at him doubtfully, but Mulder refused to baulk on this one.

“Sorry, I was away for awhile, must have got out of touch with your non-verbal forms of communication.”

Mulder clenched his jaws in anger. He really wanted to just get up, stroll through the room and hit Krycek in the face. Smack that stupid, calm and cold expression he seemed to like so much. Stupid asshole; hiding behind his pretty face and lame sense of humor.
He was looking at Mulder as if he guessed what the agent was thinking about. He seemed cautious, but not much moved by it. Either not caring about being beaten up or just too used to it by now.

“Eat your bagel, Mulder.”

Mulder stalked to the table and drank his coffee.


“Sir, can I talk with you for a minute?”

Walter raised his head from the papers he’d been studying;. reports from the agents following the stupidly small lead that one of Scully’s neighbors had seen a strange van outside the building on the day of kidnapping. It was a pathetically small lead and everyone knew it, but that was as much as they had at the moment. Unfortunately it wasn’t a reason to tell Agent Doggett to get lost as much as Skinner wanted it to be.

“Of course. Sit down, Agent Doggett.”

The man obediently sat down across the desk from Skinner and stared at him for a second.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, sir, but I believe you and Agent Scully were or still are friends. I believe you actually do want to find her, correct?”

“What kind of question is that?” he frowned at the younger man angrily. He not wanting to find Scully? That was ridiculous! “Of course I want to find her! What are you insinuating?!”

“I’m insinuating that perhaps if you actually want something I’ve been assigned to do to happen, then you should start working with me instead of hiding things from me.”

“What are you talking about, Agent Doggett?”

“I’m talking about the man that was here earlier today. With whom you were talking about Agent’s Scully’s disappearing and yet you never mentioned him to me after. And no, I do not constantly stand by your door and eavesdrop. Luck has it that I came to talk to you and heard that particular conversation.”

“And why pray-tell, didn’t you join me then, and share your thoughts on the matter?”

“Because I was busy following this man whom you spoke to.”

Skinner was startled on hearing that. He stared at the man before him, seriously wondering if he may have just gotten them some more insight on the case, or had he just stupidly gotten himself into more trouble. He was still alive, which was sometimes a good sign.

“Listen to me, Agent Doggett, this man is highly dangerous. He’s too powerful to be touched and too dishonest to ever be trusted on any issue. He only tells the truth when it can do more damage than lying, and even then it’s so covered with lies that you’d never know the difference. I didn’t tell you about my talk with him, because you don’t know him and you’d ignore my warnings and do something stupid. Personally I think even following him was a stupid move, but since you’re still alive there’s small chance you acted quickly enough after you’d been assigned this case, that you made it under radar. Or else he just lead you to where he wanted you.”

Doggett stared at him for a moment, obviously a bit overwhelmed and Skinner only now noticed that he’d gotten into an it’s-all-one-big-conspiracy rant without noticing. He hated sounding anything like Mulder but he’d been working at the FBI long enough to know that Mulder’s rants were often the most truthful things anyone ever said in the FBI.

“Be that as it may, I believe we should check out the person he met with after leaving this office.”

“And that would be?”

“A woman I was able to determine as an United Nations worker, named Marita…”

“Covarrubias,” finished Skinner and stood up, reaching for his jacket.

“Yes. Do you know her?” Asked John quickly following him out of the office, obviously dead set on going with him.

“We’ve met. I believe she can finally be useful and give us some real answers instead of her usual misleading, mysterious crap.”


Here we go again
Asking where I've been
You can't see these tears are real
I'm crying


It was not that Mulder didn’t trust Krycek, it was that Krycek was a traitorous bastard and nobody even remotely sane should ever trust him. That’s why the moment he answered the phone from Skinner he went outside the diner to talk without curious ears listening in. Of course he’d probably talk about this conversation with Krycek, he needed some facts confirmed to check if both the smoking bastard and rat bastard knew the same story, but then he’d be able to pick exactly what to tell Krycek and what to keep for himself.
He walked back to the building and sat opposite Krycek, who was now glancing at him, but still happily finishing his apple pie.

“Skinner called.”

“I noticed.”

“He thinks Scully was taken to some military base near the small town Redentcy, right next to the Washington state border.”

Krycek looked thoughtfully for a minute, obviously trying to remember something.

“I think I’ve heard of it. There is a base there,” he finally said, still more focused on his own thoughts than Mulder. “And I think it’s the one with the huge hospital research facility so it’d make sense.”

“Obviously. So we need to get there as soon as possible.” Mulder frowned, while putting money on the table. “Or at least I have to get there as soon as possible, you may hide in a hole and die.”

“Sweet,” summed up Alex, without much heat. “But I am the one who knows exactly where the base is, while you’re the one who’s probably being followed because you keep using your stupid cellphone. Deal with it, everyone will notice the moment you get a mile out of your way to exorcise Elvis.”

Mulder glared after younger man as Krycek made his way to the bathroom in the back of the building. He played with his phone then, waiting for Alex to come back and stared at the man in pink t-shirt with Elvis on it, sitting with his family in the next table.


The place where they kept her was clean and warm, which was more than she could say about some other places she had been held against her will. It seemed like the dullest hospital room ever created. Everything was white with the occasional, barely there blue additions. Bare walls, no cupboards, no nothing; just a bed that she was lying on and an IV next to her bed, pumping her with – as she was told at least – vitamins and ‘just the right thing to make you both strong and healthy’. Besides that there was only a bedside table, where they put some water for her and three times a day they left meals on it.
She tried moving it or otherwise shaping it into some kind of weapon or useful tool, but it was stuck to the floor and made out of metal. Her plates were paper, her spoon – all she got the eat her meals – was plastic. She could still try the IV, but it was too hard to maneuver. Even when she went to the bathroom she just carried the fluid bag with her, so it was easier even if less desirable. She tried to take out the needle too. But after a third try, when she got no better result than a smiling nurse coming in an hour or so afterwards to hook her up again, she gave up. The needles weren’t too useful anyway and the only thing she got was more needle marks on her hand and marks from where the bulky guard held her, while the nurse hooked her up.
The bathroom was even more useless. Scully briefly wondered if the people organizing this place were the same ones that wrote books on how to childproof houses. There was absolutely nothing that could be used to intentionally harm yourself, or even more preferably, someone else. So after some time, Scully gave up. Not on hopes of running away or someone rescuing her, but mostly on trying to move every thing in the room to try to use it somehow in her great plan of escape. She could barely walk as it was; it was not the perfect set up for spectacular escapes.
She curled on her side, her hands gently rubbing her stomach and prayed silently. She tried to concentrate on the radio she sometimes heard just outside the door, or on the steps of the guards. Anything to distract her so she didn’t go stir crazy with worry caused by over-thinking the situation that was bad enough without her internal paranoia adding to it. She stared at the wall, listening to the commercials in the radio that one of the guards always turned on when it was his shift, and she recounted the tiles on the wall. Still sixty-four.


After the visit to Marita Covarrubias’ current apartment Skinner was ready to accept that perhaps John Doggett wasn’t a spy sent by the Consortium. He was too naïve and honest for that. He seemed to be a simple, true guy. Like a common good cop, whom someone had dressed up in a suit and handed an FBI badge. On the other hand, Consortium spies, rarely looked like Consortium spies and considering the situation, Walter thought he had every damn right to be as paranoid as he could manage.
That’s why he didn’t talk to Doggett about secret government conspiracies, about the Consortium, the Smoking Man or who exactly Marita was, thought that one was most probably caused by the fact that no one knew who exactly Marita was. Unfortunately considering the path the investigation took, keeping quiet about all those things also caused the glaring, distrusting Doggett to rely on other FBI directors more than Skinner. That was a bad turn of events that could cost Walter the charge of this investigation, and he wasn’t ready to give it up.
He sighed loudly, trying to remember how he and Scully censored Mulder’s stories.

“Listen, Agent Doggett, the actions I’m taking may seem weird and uncalled for to you, but trust me, it comes from the experience I’ve had with dealing with these people. I know you’ve been assigned to find Scully, and by all means you’re welcome to find her, even look for her with me, but this is not the time nor the place to explain to you how exactly Mulder and Scully made all their enemies, is that understood?”

“I hear you clear, Sir, but – no offense – I don’t feel exactly comfortable with trusting your opinions just like that. On the other hand, I agree you obviously know their list of enemies better than I do and I bet you’re still in contact with Agent Mulder, so I also think I’d just be useless trying to run around blind.”

He stared hardly at Skinner, obviously disapproving, but for now Walter didn’t much care. They managed some kind of truce, he hoped, and that was more than he anticipated.


We can't go on together
With suspicious minds
And we can't build our dreams
On suspicious minds


“So… why Elvis?”

Mulder glanced back at his passenger, but Krycek only shrugged. Obviously he was getting bored and the constant rock ’n roll coming from the speakers was as good a conversation starter as any. The only problem was the Mulder was not exactly in a conversational mood.

“I support the royalty.”

“Come on. There has to be some fascinating, bittersweet story, probably including either an x-file or some family drama!”

Mulder clenched his fist over the wheel slightly more before letting out a resigned sigh.

“He’s good and I like to listen to him. But he was never good enough to actually be the king. The problem was that the public needed a king and something new and he was there. Also, he’s one of the few people that people truly believe is still alive, even though it was announced that he died so long ago. People talk about his ghost, his face is seen in some really weird things or he is coming back home on a UFOS. He still is an icon and everybody knows at least some of his songs. It’s remarkable.”

The silence in the car lasted for only a moment, but Mulder still glanced curiously at Krycek a small smile tagging at his lips. The younger man was just staring, slightly shaking his head.

“Did you ever like somebody who was not a walking X-file?”

“Ouch,” said Mulder, “you punish my royal loyalty by mocking my personal life? Cruel, oh, so cruel.”

Krycek snorted.

“Seriously, what the hell is with the story time behavior? You like the sound of my voice almost as much as I do?”

“It’s not so bad. And I’m bored with the dying-cat music you torment me with.”

Mulder glared and Krycek turned to look at him with a smile.

“You’re not going to hit me for insulting the king, are you?”

“Any reason is good enough for me,” answered Mulder tersely, but made no move to punch his passenger and instead raised the volume a bit higher and concentrated on driving.

Krycek shook his head again and turned away, looking outside the window and pillowing his head on the side of his seat.

“And don’t think I didn’t notice you never said he’s dead or used past tense while talking about him, you psycho.”

Mulder smiled slightly, failing to answer.


“Sir?” called a man, standing next to the door and The Smoking Man gestured for him to come in.

“What is it?”

“We have reports back from the people watching Agent Mulder’s movements, sir” answered the man quickly in a detached tone.

Spender smiled slightly and nodded for him to continue.

“It appears he continues on his way, sir. Obviously he either doesn’t know where Agent Scully is being held, or he’s not crazy enough to try to rescue her.”

The Smoking Man coughed a small laugh. He reached for his cigarettes and lighter. He breathed in smoke before answering his companion.

“Remember, Josh. There are two things that should never be underestimated about Mulder: his genius and his madness.”

He smiled at the nodding man, who probably had no idea what he was just told. Not too many understood Mulder well enough to be of any use while watching him. Most of them had long ago changed their side.


Oh let our love survive
Or dry the tears from your eyes
Let's don't let a good thing die


The talks with Skinner were one of the most unpleasant things Mulder ever had to do. He called him from the phone booth next to the motel he stayed in, while Krycek was in the shower. He said about his lost cellphone, but that was as far as new information went. There was nothing worse to report then: we still don’t know more, there’s no way I can learn how to get to the base now, there’s nothing more than we can do, but wait, we have no proof she’s doing fine.
Neither of them ever said they had no proof if she’s still alive. It was an option, true. But too small a one for either of them to be brave enough to say out loud. If They’d wanted to kill her, They’d just kill her on the spot and would have already returned the body. They wanted her alive and that gave the rescue team more time, even if it wasn’t exactly reassuring.

If possible, the night after that call was even worse and weirder than the last one. There was still this weird stillness that felt so wrong, and the silence pressed too tightly against Mulder’s skull. He was glad for brief distractions like Krycek’s breathing coming from the bed next to him, or sounds from the street heard from behind the window that was left ajar. Mulder had ceased turning over in an attempts to find a more comfortable position, now he just laid still, staring at the ceiling.

“Tell me about your weirdest case,” said Krycek suddenly, his voice slightly muffled from where he pressed his face against the pillow.

Mulder looked at him. He thought the other man is asleep already, lying on his stomach with his eyes closed it was hard to tell, but his breathing seemed calm enough to assume he was asleep. Well, apparently he was just a really calm breather.


“Talk, Mulder. You’re not sleeping, I’m not very keen on sleeping… Trust me, once you sleep too deeply and you wake up with some fuckers cutting your hand off, It teaches you a lesson for a life time. So, amuse me. I’m bored.”

Mulder huffed a breath, almost sounding like a short, quiet laugh. He glanced back at the ceiling, thinking.

“Well… There was the one with the vampires.”

“Vampires? Honest to god vampires?”

“Yep. Although it didn’t seem that way to some, when I staked a teenager, while being slightly drugged.”

Krycek laughed quietly, amusement still ringing in his tone, when he spoke after that.

“Nobody ever told you don’t drug and stake, Mulder?”

“Scully. Repeatedly. Unfortunately only after the fact.”

Krycek laughed again and Mulder thought he was doing quite a good job of keeping the other man amused. Even if by the time he got to telling how he woke up in the car with his shoes untied, Krycek was now unmistakably asleep. Mulder just kept on talking until he finished the story, even if without being aware of that, he lowered his voice a bit.


Fed and rested Krycek managed to stay silent for almost two hours after they got back to the car and exactly three minutes after Mulder took an unplanned turn and set them on their way toward the military base where Scully was being held. Krycek was obviously paid enough attention to notice the change in direction.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“Going to save my partner, what the fuck does it look like to you?”

“As if you went completely crazy!”

Mulder just looked at him with a bright smile.

“More than usual,” grumped Alex. “Which part of: they keep tabs on you, don’t you get?”

“We’re not being followed. As you mentioned, they probably just monitor my movements by tracking my phone. My phone is safely tucked in one of the bags of a happy family we met in the diner yesterday, which is on it’s way to Memphis as we speak. I waited a day to be sure nobody followed us and nobody was alerted to the fact that I know were Scully is and am changing my course. I’m not being watched and I’m making my way to find my partner, understood?”

Krycek stared at him for the moment, before smiling slightly.


“Did you really just send Consortium spies after an innocent family on vacation?”

Mulder stared back, mortified, until Krycek laughed at him. If Mulder hadn’t been driving Krycek really would’ve got smacked just then.

“Calm down, Mulder. Nobody will hurt, the poor, innocent, Elvis-loving family.”

He sat more comfortably in his seat, enjoying the sun warming him through the front window.

“So,” he started brightly. “We need a plan, right?”


After being driven to yet another test Scully resumed her usual screaming contest. Not that it helped. It didn’t even make her feel better anymore. No one from the medical staff around her seemed to even acknowledge her. But she had to do something.

“Why are you doing this?! I said, stop it! Let me go! I’m a federal agent! You’ll regret co-operating with my captors! LET ME GO! Leave my baby alone, do you hear me? It’s normal! You’re not gonna find anything! LEAVE IT ALONE!”

The man that stepped into the room made her fall silent, rendering her speechless, even if just for a little while. The argument of seeing her baby on the USG scans died on her tongue as she saw her OB-GYN coming into the room with a smile.

“Calm down, Dana. We’re not trying to hurt either of you right now. We just need to learn more about your miracle baby.”

“It’s not a miracle baby! It’s just a baby! And it’s fine! It’s perfect! Leave it alone, you asshole! How much more you want to know about it?!”

“Only if it’s safe for it to be born, Dana. Nothing more.”

He smiled at her so politely it seemed like one surreal nightmare. She could feel the cold sweat on her and bit her lip to hold down other emotional reactions. They didn’t need to know how terrified she was.


When honey, you know
I've never lied to you
Mmm yeah, yeah


The phone rang only once before The Well Manicured Man personally picked it up. It seemed a bit odd, but not enough to shake Krycek off. He even managed to stop himself from spitting out every threat and curse that came to his mind, while sternly informing the older man to never again trap him in any kind of fucking trunk. He had no time to clearly express what exactly he’d like to do to the son of a bitch who was responsible for that sick part of the plan.

“We’re working on a plan on how to get her out, but…” he managed only to report before he felt the well known butt of a gun pressed under his ribs, the owner of it standing right behind him. “But we have nothing confirmed so far and I need to close off for now. I think Mulder may miss me already.”

He put the phone down, before The Well Manicured Man could respond. He could see the faint reflection of his attacker in the phone booth glass next to his head. He barely held a wince, seeing the mad expression there. He doubted he was going out of this without at least some more bruises. Apparently Mulder finally found a punching bag to take his frustrations out on.

“So…” said Krycek with false cockiness. “I kind of doubt, you’re just happy to see me?”

Mulder smacked his head hard enough for him to hit the phone with his forehead. He hisses in pain and cursed, turning around to stand face to face with the other man.

“I almost missed this, thought you didn’t like me anymore or something…”

This time the hit came straight to his jaw and finally made him shut up for awhile, since it hurt too much to move his jaw. Mulder pressed his gun tighter against his ribs and dragged him back to the room. No witnesses and no yells of accusations from Mulder, just his blank, cold stare. Krycek raised his hands slightly in the gesture of surrender and got the breath knocked out him after Mulder slammed him against the wall. Only slammed, there was no yelling from Mulder; which was unusual since he usually yelled whatever accusations came to mind right into Kyrcek’s face.
Krycek gulped slightly. It didn’t seem good at all.


Scully lay in the hospital bed in the room she was being kept in, curled on her side with one arm protectively and reassuringly wrapped around her stomach. She stared at the wall, ignoring the sound of the opening door. She could hear clicks of high heels on the floor and just a little while later a woman in white lab coat sat on the bed next to her legs. She was trying to be sympathetic; Scully already had her pegged as a ‘good cop’ in this insane mess.

“Dana, I’m just here to talk, you don’t have to be afraid of me,” she said with a calm, soothing voice. “I just want you to understand what we are trying to achieve here.”

“You’re trying to brain-wash me into believing my baby isn’t normal.”

“We’re not trying to do anything the sort. We simply don’t know if your baby is, as you put it, normal. We want to determine that, just to be safe.”

“Like you do with every pregnant woman, because you’re just so nice and overprotective.”

She was slightly angry at herself for responding at all, knowing she was just being pulled into the conversation. Knowing, she’s not going to get anything out of it or change anyone’s mind. It was just a nice change that someone finally at least pretended to listen to her and not only talk above her or ignore her screams. It was nice to finally have someone to lash out at with all the anger inside and throw some angry comments.

The woman smiled politely and Scully could swear that if she was going to see that awful, fake smile on the face on one more of her captors, she’d just lose it.

“Well, you’re not exactly a regular woman, Dana and it wasn’t exactly a natural pregnancy.”

“It was as normal as it could’ve been after what you’ve done to me, you bastards! It was a clean and basic in vitro procedure! And it took! This baby is mine and it’s normal! Didn’t Dr Witterson bothered to check at least one of the USG he made me? He saw it! He knows it’s a normal baby!”

“Dana… Do you know in how many ways one can tamper with an in vitro procedure? Even if you’re right and you got pregnant thanks to the said procedure, how do you know what exactly happened? And yes, Dr Witterson saw the images of your baby and they seemed normal, but the older the mother is the harded it is to get any kind of clear image. When you first saw Dr Witterson he had to do three ultrasounds to get a clear picture. We haven’t been able to get one good image since you’ve been here and you know how many tests you’ve been through.”

Scully stared hardly at her, not showing any signs of fear or doubt. She’s playing you, it’s just a trick, the baby is fine – that constant thought kept her alert. She may have her doubts, but she wasn’t going to fuel the Consortium’s evil plans by voicing them.

“We just want to make sure that everything is fine, Dana. Think about it, there are too many unknowns about this pregnancy for you to be sure that the baby is, as you persist, completely normal.”


The moment they entered the room Mulder slammed Krycek hard against the wall. Quickly he followed him and punched him twice in the face, before pushing him again and keeping him in place with an arm painfully pressed against his throat; holding him just high enough to make it impossible for him to stand on flat feet.
Krycek choked slightly, but didn’t move to defend himself. He wasn’t one hundred percent sure he could take Mulder right now and to top it off, he was positive that any attempts to escape would just cause Mulder to fight harder. So that younger man decided to do his usual punching-bag imitation and hoped it’d end like most of his fights with Mulder – the FBI agent running out of steam and stopping. He was still hoping Mulder wasn’t mad enough to pass into the serious beating and choking phase. Thanks to his intervention they were never going to learn if a pissed and despaired Mulder would actually choke a suspect to death, but Krycek wasn’t willing to confirm it. Not ever, but especially not when he was the suspect.

“Come on, Mulder. Listen to me! Let me explain…” The hand against his throat pressed harder for a second, making him choke on his words. “Goddamnit, Mulder! Listen to me!”

“Why the fuck would I listen to you?! Actually, why the fuck did I ever consider listening to you, you fucking bastard! You don’t deserve the smallest chance to explain! You’re a liar and a coward, Krycek! You killed my father and now…”

If the situation had been slightly less serious and physical, Krycek would have rolled his eyes on hearing this again. As it was, he just interrupted rather abruptly.

“For fucks sake, let’s get on the same page for a second! It’s not a ‘you killed my daddy’ fight, it’s a ‘you wanna kill Scully’s baby’ fight. Focus.”

Mulder let his throat go to smack him twice quickly across the face. A second later Krycek was again pressed tightly against the wall, with Mulder pressing right against him, holding his arm right against Krycek’s throat.

“Why the fuck do you wanna kill it so much?! You have no proof that it’s anything more than a normal baby!”

“Why do you think I’m here with you? Why do you think they didn’t kill the baby the moment They learned about it? Sure, some of them want it dead. But They’re too scared of what it may grow up to be, right now, They’re too scared of what it might be! There are still some people in the organization who don’t like the idea of going around killing unborn babies, when they’re not sure if they’re really as dangerous as They think the baby may be. I’m one of those people, Mulder. And so is the man who sent me here.”

Mulder’s hold loosened slightly. The change was small, but it was there and Krycek made no move to make use of it. He got Mulder hooked on talking; he could talk himself out of it. Like always. If there was one thing he mastered long before joining the Consortium it was his great way of talking quickly and convincingly. It might’ve not work with Russians that got his arm or some high class Consortium man like The Smoking Man, who had known for too long, but for better or worse, it always worked with Mulder. Even now when he was actually telling the truth.

“If you… If you actually think that, then you should know, you asshole that we need to get this kid away from the Consortium! There is too big risk they’re gonna kill it regardless of whether it’s a freaking monster or not. Don’t you see that?”

Krycek licked his lips, feeling the adrenaline in his body slowly fading, but still leaving him breathing heavily and pressing back against Mulder. His body seemed especially intrigued with Mulder’s tightly pressed against his legs. He swallowed, tasting blood from his smashed lips and licked at those cuts again. He noticed Mulder’s gaze following that move closely, before his eyes snapped back to look into Krycek’s.

“And what if,” started Krycek slowly and quietly, determined to get his point across and ignoring the distractions, “the kid actually is born as a monster, huh? Let’s say we get Scully away safely, hole her up in a safe place and let only trusted people to her… and the baby is born as a monster, what the fuck then, Mulder?”

The FBI agent shrugged slightly, barely moving his arms. He stared back into Krycek’s eyes, his gaze harder than usual. He was sure what his answer to that was and he wasn’t going to change his mind, and Krycek wanted to regret asking, if he only wasn’t a bit caught up in this catching gaze.

“Then I’ll help you put a bullet in its head myself,” said Mulder simply and Krycek could just stare shocked.

“Oh.” He finally said and could swear Mulder almost smirked. Krycek could only nod stupidly, still too surprised to react more coherently, especially with Mulder still pressing tightly against him.

He licked his lips again, slowly, just to see if it’d get any reaction from the other man. His eyes shined slightly with mischief as he watched Mulder rapidly loose any focus he had on the conversation. Krycek slowly moved his legs slightly apart, so Mulder pressed tighly against them and slowly slid between and pressed right against his groin. Alex groaned quietly, deep in his throat and Mulder just closed his eyes, concentrating on breathing and not moving his pelvis now that he was pressed against Krycek’s muscled leg.
Krycek laughed quietly and Mulder opened his eyes to glare in the green eyes, which were now mocking him. He felt Krycek pressing his thigh higher and moving it slowly against his crotch, obviously feeling how hard he was getting.

“Wow,” whispered Krycek with humor obvious in his voice. “If I’d known talking about killing baby monsters would get you so hot, I’d…”

“Just… Just shut the fuck up, will you?” whispered Mulder and Krycek smiled happily at him.

Mulder pressed himself even tighter against the other man, unashamedly practically humping his leg and holding his stead to allow Krycek to do the same. He used his arm still pressed lightly against Krycek’s throat to tip his head back and kiss him furiously to finally shut him up.
He could taste the blood strongly and he heard Krycek gasping in pain the moment he pressed their lips togther, but he ignored it along with all the other reasons why he shouldn’t be kissing Krycek. He slid his tongue in the other’s man mouth and explored his mouth with force. Krycek obviously had no idea how stop him and just decided to deal with the pain, because quickly he was opening his mouth even wider, moving his hand to the back of Mulder’s head and trying to bring him even closer, kissing him back hungrily. He moved forcefully against Mulder’s thigh and moaned appreciatively when Mulder’s other hand found its way to his buttocks, pressing their body even closer, as if they were trying to melt into one. Alex wasn’t exactly sure if they were trying to melt into each other just to be closer or in some sick hope of only melting the other and winning something that still felt a lot like a fight. He didn’t really care much for the answer though, as he busied himself with opening Mulder’s fly and sliding his hand inside.
Mulder groaned loudly against his lips, breaking the furious kiss for a second, before pressing tighter against Krycek’s hand and moving his hand finally from Alex’s throat to his hair to drag him back into the kiss, obviously unable to stop for long. Krycek’s hand moved quickly, tugging hard at Mulder’s shaft, making him moan into Alex’s mouth. Obviously it was distracting Mulder enough that for awhile he just held tightly to Krycek, before he moved his free hand to the younger man’s zipper. He stilled right after opening the button and groaned again, pressing his hips against Krycek and cumming on his hand and the front of his jeans. He broke the kiss then again, putting his forehead against Krycek’s neck and breathed harshly.
The other man just stilled, swallowing quick, shallow breaths and trying not to move. He bit the inside of his cheek to keep himself still, afraid that any move would spook Mulder now that some of his blood rushed back to his brain and was probably realizing what the hell he just did.
When finally the FBI agent moved his head back to look at him, he smirked seeing the unsure look on Krycek’s face. Krycek glared back and already opened his mouth to express exactly what he thinks of Mulder, when Mulder’s hand – still next to the opening of his jeans – moved again, sliding the zipper down and then taking Krycek’s cock out of his briefs. Mulder moved his hand so slowly sliding it up and down Krycek teasingly that Krycek was ready to finally hit him back and he’d probably do something of that sort if Mulder hadn’t chosen that moment to drop to his knees.

“Oh my god, oh my god, ohmygod…” Krycek whispered even before Mulder took him in his mouth.

Mulder chuckled quietly and licked his mouth in anticipation, right before sucking Krycek’s cock slowly.

“Oh my god,” moaned Krycek, fisting his hand in Mulder’s hair and moving his hips forward in a quick, jerky move.

He was too turned on to not move and Mulder’s hand pressed against his hip was barely holding him in place anyway. Almost as if the other man was encouraging Krycek to fuck his mouth stupid. Alex moaned at that thought and did exactly that, feeling Mulder humming around his shaft and cumming hard he closed his eyes for a second. He quickly opened them to stare at Mulder swallowing him and licking his lips. Krycek could only groan quietly at the sight and move his head back, pressing it against the wall.
Mulder stayed at the floor for a few seconds before standing up abruptly and making his way to the bathroom without looking back. Krycek sighed watching him go, but made no move to stop him.