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06 November 2009 @ 10:47 pm
Take A Walk Down The Lonely Street 4/4  
Take A Walk Down The Lonely Street - Chapter Four.

For Warnings, Author's Notes, ETC. see the Master Post.


Chapter Four: Bridge Over Troubled Water

When you're weary, feeling small
When tears are in your eyes I will dry them all
I'm on your side, oh, When times get rough
And friends just can't be found


“I… Yes, I know, but my usual phone is probably under surveillance and I really need to talk to Mr Spender, because I’ve just…” Marita stopped quickly, glaring at the man standing right next to her and pretending he was occupied by observing the traffic on the street. “Never mind.”

She quickly disconnected and turned to the man, glaring. She was sure they were watching her apartment and probably having all her usual phones monitored, but she was also pretty sure no one tailed her here and a non-descript phonebooth was safe enough.

“Am I under surveillance now?” she asked her voice cold and irritated, but the FBI agent only smiled at her.

“Miss Covarrubias, we may – as I’m being told – not to be able to follow through with arresting anyone who’s actually suspected in that case, but” he continued ignoring her snort, “it doesn’t mean we can just let you go around communicating with everyone who was ever considered a suspect, now can we?”

She huffed, irritated, and walked away to her car, determined to make the life of this agent as unpleasant as she could. She decided to go back to her apartment and wait him out. He wasn’t the type to proceed the ridiculous stake outs and she suspected she won’thave any problems with sneaking out under usual, less obsessive agents.

Doggett finished of the coffee he had just bought while watching her make a call. Slowly he moved back to his car and tailed Marita back to the apartment. Admittedly she was probably involved with the kidnapping case, but he could not stop thinking that watching her was making them sitting ducks again. God, but he hated this investigation.


“Hey there, guys!” said Mulder in a cheerful voice.

He was probably a bit too cheerful, considering he was calling to talk about the barely-there plans of rescuing his best friend from the Consortium. On the other hand, he was calling his friends, with whom he hadn’t spoken with for some time and who usually helped him, so there was a reason to be happy.

He heard them laughing, apparently relieved to be finally talking to him and he stopped trying to convince himself that he was committing some awful sin right now. He looked around the main hall of the motel just to check that nobody was listening and concentrated on his conversation.

“Hey there, Big Guy. You fine?” said Frohike quickly and this time Mulder didn’t have to make any excuses to himself for smiling slightly.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m good. So… you’ve got something for me?”

“Actually, we do. For now only good news, but that’s always something.”

“What do you mean, Frohike?” asked Mulder surprised.

“Well, we kind of managed to hack the blueprints from this base Scully’s probably being held in… Or something we think are blueprints, we’re working on decoding them, but we’re pretty sure it’s a good card.”

“Damn it, Frohike! This is good.”

“Well, don’t get a happy hard-on just yet. As I said it may be a bust…” Mulder could hear Langly yelling something in the background and Frohike hushing him quickly. “Okay, we’re pretty sure it’s not, but it may, you hear me?”

“Sure, boss” answered Mulder quickly now smiling brightly, even as he noticed Krycek entering the hall.

He waved him closer and tried very hard to stay focused on the conversation at hand and not Krycek’s cut lips or scrapped cheek. He hadn’t talked to the other man since he had told him to shut up and they had humped each other and to tell the truth he was not exactly sad that he had managed to avoid conversation so far. When he had come out of the bathroom last night Krycek had already fallen asleep (or had been pretending to be asleep, Mulder could never tell with him) and Mulder had gone to bed without a word. In the morning he had gone out for a short run, more to think than to exercise and then when it had started raining heavily not long after he got out, he decided to use the phone in the main hall to call the Lone Gunmen and do something useful instead of moping about the things he had done and maybe regretted. He still wasn’t sure if he did.

“Oh, and Langly is asking you to call in a day or so, so he knows where to fax the blueprints…”

Mulder laughed this time out loud. Yeah, they obviously were afraid it was a bust. He shook his head and Krycek raised eyebrows and mouthed: later, receiving a nod of agreement. The man stood next to Mulder now, leaning on the wall and mindlessly staring at the rain through the glass door.

“I sure will, Frohike. Now tell me, I didn’t get to call Skinner yesterday, how are things with the investigation?”

“Well, we stirred things up a bit. This new ‘Doggett’ guy has been assigned to tail Marita just in case and we asked Skinner to sweep Scully’s apartment in case the cops missed something Consortium-alien-shadow government related.”

Mulder frowned slightly over that answer. Sure, he didn’t exactly expect the agents holed up in Washington to suddenly rescue Scully by some miracle, but he was still kind of hoping they at least found something useful to do.

“Uh… Sorry to tell you guys, but that’s… well, pretty much pointless.”

“Oh, we know. But it’s not like they could do anything useful and that new one is a bit too eager for his own good. As for Skinner… Well, the old chap seemed like he needed something to do.”

Mulder nodded to himself.

“Good thinking, Frohike.”

“Oh, please, I’m great in ordering FBI around.”

“Sure you are,” agreed the FBI agent laughing. “I’ll call you tomorrow to pass on fax details. Keep yourself busy.”

“Keep yourself alive, buddy.”

Mulder hung up and turned around to face Krycek, who was now watching him and apparently waiting for the promised explanation. Mulder smiled at him slightly.

“Good news.”


Like a bridge over troubled water,
I will lay me down,
Oh, like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down


The female doctor – Anna, Scully remembered she said her name was Anna, came again. Scully continued to fight against Anna’s attempts to become friends and have heart to hearts and it looked like this was going to be one of them. Anna’s motto seemed to be to be all polite and a compassionate female friend, who was there solely to help Scully, because they want her to bear a healthy, normal baby. But to also make her face the fact that her baby may be born a monster; an alien that’ll be one of those that stand to be the key to successful colonization of Earth.
Apparently Anna thought she was doing a very good job in her talks to Scully. She thought Scully had actually started to listen, to reconsider and to think about what might happen if Scully’s wrong. That’s probably why, after assuring Scully that they were not going to hurt her baby, because it is Scully’s decision on what to do with that responsibility, she left a bottle of drugs on Scully’s night table; drugs that would kill her unborn child and cause her to miscarry. To deal with Scully’s other responsibilities and guilt she assured her that perhaps she wasn’t killing a baby, but an alien’s plan. After they would let her go and she’d be taken to a civilian hospital for a check up and nobody would have to know that Scully did it herself. It was Scully’s decision, but it didn’t have to be her fault in the eyes of the others.
The woman spoke in a warm, reassuring voice. She was more calm than she had any right to be. However Scully saw through her tactics, knowing her every move, understood what she was doing and how she was trying to play her.

What she couldn’t understand was why the bottle of pills was still on her table instead already being flushed down the toilet. She lay and starred at it, and prayed, because by now she had no idea what else she could do.


“That’s rather impressive,” said Krycek shocked.

He knew the three geeks often helped Mulder, but he had clearly underestimated their usefulness. Now if they were really able to send them those plans, they would finally have an advantage.

“Yeah,” breathed Mulder. “So… What are you exactly doing here?”

“If we don’t want my boss to suspect anything I should probably check in. I thought you might want to eavesdrop.”

Mulder looked away guiltily for a second, before nodding and switching places with Krycek so the other man stood closest to the phone. He was already pressing the numbers, when Mulder spoke up, starring away at the rain.

“Sorry for… uh, you know… Sneaking out to call.”

He didn’t hear an answer so he finally looked back to see a very amused Krycek shaking his head at him. Mulder rolled his eyes and punched him lightly in the arm. Krycek pouted at him, mock offended, before he suddenly looked serious again when his call was answered.

“Yes, it’s me. … No, I didn’t learn anything new. … Yes, he knows were she is, but he thinks it’ll be wiser if he first got to his destination to fool the tail and only then drove to her. … Yes, it’ll be at best around five days. … Of course.”

He hung up and raised his eyebrows at Mulder, who smiled at him again.

“Nice lie. For once in my life I’m glad you’re actually good at it. And it sure as hell won’t take us five days to get there.”

“Nope. Around two or three, depending on how long we wait for blueprints and how fast we drive.”

Mulder nodded happily. Sure, the situation was still pretty bad, but finally they had some form of a plan and actual hope to get through it successfully. The only problem was that he wasn’t sure who he meant by ‘we’, but he decided to worry about it later on.

“Great,” he said pushing away from the wall and moving back towards their room, Krycek right at his side.

“Just don’t forget what you agreed on Mulder. It may not end in one big, happy ending, okay?”

“Chill out, the baby is going to be fine.”

Krycek sighed, obviously not pleased with this answer. Yes, he had Mulder’s promise to get rid of the kid if it’s going to be a monster, but he also knew the man was going to be stupidly bullheaded about everything ending well. It wasn’t going to be easy to make him see the kid was a monster even if it was born green and covered with feathers. He might as well start now.

“Mulder, this is a kid of an abductee and you, a guy, who has probably more messed up DNA than most of the aliens. There’s a very small chance the kid is going to be fine.”

Mulder held his answer until they had entered the room and then he slowly turned to Krycek, for a moment just staring at him as if trying to decide what he should tell him. Or at least how much of what he decided to tell him will be enough.

“Okay, Krycek. If you’ll breathe a word about that, I’m going to kill you. Slowly. I’m going to shoot you and leave you in some very small place with no windows to bleed to death in a fit of a panic, you understand?”

Krycek nodded, slightly disturbed by this vision and the fact that Mulder had come up with it so quickly. On the other hand Mulder probably had a few scenarios on how to kill him, stored away in his head.

“Good. The kid. Isn’t mine. I’ve never slept with Scully and I’ve never helped her with her in vitro tries, you hear me?”

Krycek blinked, shocked.

“Who’s the father?”

“None of your business,” answered Mulder brightly and Krycek glared for a second. “But I’m pretty sure he’s not an alien.”

One of Krycek’s eyebrows rose in question.

“Pretty sure?”

Mulder’s smile just got wider and brighter as he turned to answer from where he was packing his things.

“I’m never completely sure.”

“Of course you’re not,” drawled Krycek shaking his head and moving to gather his own few things.


When you're down and out, when you're on the streets
When evening falls so hard, I will comfort you
I'll take your part when the darkness falls and pain is all around


The couch underneath her was so soft and comfortable Scully would gladly never get off of it. Unfortunately the sudden craving for orange ice-creams was very strong. She sighed angrily and heard a laugh from behind her. She opened her eyes, looking behind and smiling as Melissa passed her a bowl containing the craved dessert. She quickly dug in and licked with delight at the spoon as her sister sat next to her, watching with amusement.

“It isn’t funny, Missy. Cravings are very serious, very irritating and they’re never funny.”

“Sure, sis. Whatever you say. You’re too big to fight with,” she smirked and Scully slapped her lightly in the arm with her hand.


“Whale!” laughed Melissa, but slowly moved her hand over Dana’s big stomach, soothing both her sister and her unborn child.

“Mmm. I like those ice-creams. I’ll forgive you for being mean just because you brought them,” announced older sister mercifully.

Missy laughed happily at that and slowly started at her own cold sweetness with obvious delight.

“What’s a girls’ night without ice-creams?”

Dana smiled, glancing at her stomach on which she could almost completely balance the small bowl of dessert. It still looked amusing to her, but way too ridiculous to ever be seen outside the closest family.

“You know, it still can be a boy. I’ve never checked and despite being so interested in the scans nobody here has ever bothered to tell me.”

The younger woman just gave her ‘oh, please’ look as if it was never an option. Dana just smiled, she could agree on that one.

“Please, Dana. We both know that kid is a girl. It ain’t Junior, Don Vito or a stupid alien. Don’t over-think it, you do it too often.”

When she looked at her younger sister, Melissa only winked with a secretive smile. As if they were once again sharing some funny secret or gossip, as they has when they were younger. Dana smiled back and woke up alone in the barely lit hospital room; still craving those ice creams.


When they started driving again, neither of them spoke. Krycek stared aimlessly out the window lost in thoughts and lulled by some ballads that Mulder had decided to torture him with. Somewhere in the back of his mind Alex dared to hope Elvis would be off now that they were rapidly moving further and further away from Memphis. Unfortunately it turned out to be only wishful thinking.
After half an hour or so, some quicker and louder song shook Krycek out of his relaxed and slightly sleepy haze.

A little less conversation, a little more action please
All this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me
A little more bite and a little less bark
A little less fight and a little more spark

Krycek bit on his grin, trying to keep his face expressionless. He wondered if Mulder was trying to tell him something and as much as it was the main reason for his guarded amusement, he still started listening to the lyrics of the next few songs.
“Got a lot o’ loving to do” seemed to be backing up Alex’s crazy theory, just as much as “Edge Of Reality” and maybe “Steamroller Blues”. Unfortunately after that there was a “Hawaiian Wedding Song” and Krycek gave up, afraid he might start laughing out loud any time now. It seemed he already had trouble keeping a poker face, judging by the looks Mulder was sending his way now and then. He smiled at him brightly and perhaps a bit madly. Mulder just blinked and shrugged, looking back at the road. Krycek wondered if his indifference was caused by being used to the weirdness all around him or road-trip induced madness.


“Is it some weird form of OCD or are you trying to mark your way home?” asked Krycek suddenly after two hours of silent driving; they stereo was now in the middle of US Male, which in Alex’s opinion was the worst song so far. However he may just be biased.

Mulder turned to look at him seemingly unsurprised by the random question and then turned the other way around to spit yet another empty sunflower seed shell out the open window. Krycek was still strangely impressed that in the warm breeze coming in through the open car windows Mulder managed not to spit on himself.

“When I threw the full ones, the birdies ate them,” answered the older man finally and took another shell in his mouth.


“So basically since we have no idea what to expect, I suppose we should just wing it when we get there,” said Mulder.

Krycek mindlessly noted that he spoke only after the song ended, even if he ended up speaking over the start of the next song. Maybe he just liked it less, but in Alex’s opinion it made it no less disturbing. He waited for the chorus to come on before speaking therby interrupting the howling king.

“Or we can get the blueprints, think up as many plans as we can and be prepared for as much as is humanly possible and hope for the best.”

Mulder looked back at him seeming slightly amused.

“Yeah, but where’s the fun in that?”

“It comes later, when you actually do save your redhead instead of falling into even bigger trouble and forcing her to escape on her own and save your ass instead.”

“Huh. Never tried that before, could be fun.”

Krycek shook his head; then heard what song came next and groaned loudly.

“Okay. Hear it. I’m begging. No more ‘Are you lonesome tonight’!”

Mulder smiled wickedly and started to sing along. If Alex wasn’t so bad at holding his laughter his glaring would probably be much more impressive.


“Hey, Frohike,” called Langly from one of the desk, looking through the printed articles there. “Have you looked through these? It’s freaky! I mean, all those UFO sightings? And not far from where Scully is supposed to be held, right?”

Langly’s tone was pretty much always casual and laid back. Sometimes with a hint of irritation, sometimes with more amusement or mocking, but always not caring for much in the world; still, this time nobody was fooled.

“Do you think it’s a good idea to tell them about it?” asked Byers in a leveled tone, but obviously suggesting he doesn’t. “They already have a lot to get through and it’s not like they can stop UFOs on their own.”

“I vote we send them plans of the base and hope for the best,” said Langly, but still glanced to Frohike for confirmation. As if he was the leader or something. As if someone should decide, because too much depended on it.

“I second it,” said short man finally. “Unless they ask, because Mulder will be able to tell straight away if we try to lie.”

“Probably,” agreed Byers over Langly’s sputtered protests.


By the time they finally stopped in at the next motel it was almost midnight. Krycek wondered if Mulder didn’t want to stop and be in the same room as him again. They seemed to get along just fine in the car. Perhaps more silent then is usually comfortable, but still nothing too much out of the norm. Perhaps the idea of being together with hands free to do whatever they wished and beds available nearby was a bit too much for Mulder. He finally stopped; when his eyes started to droop and Alex glared at him threatening that he’d smack him in the head every five minutes just to keep him awake. To his dismay he only got to smack Mulder twice before Mulder gave up and promised to stop at the first motel they came to.
When they finally stopped, Mulder put his head on the steering wheel and seemed content to fall asleep right there and then. Krycek smacked him one more time just for the sake of it.

“I’m going to get a room,” he said, when Mulder glared at him tiredly. “Try not to fall asleep and get stolen, while I’m gone.”

“Yes, mum,” mumbled the agent back and it was Krycek’s turn to glare.

“Hey. I’m Krycek, not Scully. Focus and wake up.”

Mulder snorted just as Krycek closed the car door behind him, making his way quickly across the parking lot. The next thing he knew Krycek was knocking on the window and shaking his head, while calling him an idiot.


“Grab your things, you freak. We’re in number twenty-four. I barely managed to get us a room, they have some fan meeting around here or whatever. Basically there’s a bunch of freaks running around and doing stupid things.”

“It may be a good thing,” said Mulder yawning after he got out of the car and the cold air woke him up. “The guys will send us prints tomorrow, when all the offices here be open and we can just say it’s some blueprint of a ship or something… probably depends on what fans they are… What?”

Krycek just stared at him, standing next to the open trunk.

“I think less and less of you with every sentence,” he said slowly. “Please, don’t tell me you were that kid.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Mulder loudly with feigned horror. He smiled brightly suddenly and made Spock’s gesture at his companion. “I am that kid!”

Krycek could hear the laughter behind him as he moved to their room without another word. He slowed down before reaching it, so Mulder could catch up with his things.
“There weren’t any queens.”

Mulder just looked at him, but Krycek’s face was as blank as ever. It didn’t stop the FBI agent from smirking.

“Of course.”


“I bet you are.”


There was no reason to behave as if something was different, Mulder kept telling himself and he tried to act just as if he would if everything was fine. As if Scully wasn’t being held in some army base, as if Krycek wasn’t with him, as if he hadn’t fucked around with Krycek just a day ago, as if they didn’t have to share the bed. As if he was smart and straight enough to sleep on the floor.
It turned out Mulder was really great at this denial thing.

He showered and brushed his teeth and got ready for bed. He was checking the locks on the door and window and slid into bed just as Krycek went to change in the bathroom and came out ready for bed.
He watched with some amusement as Krycek walked around the room in t-shirt and sweats he had stolen from Mulder’s bag, checking all the locks again. He went to the window and after a second of hesitance opened it just an inch. Not enough to make a difference in temperature, but enough to keep his claustrophobia at bay. Mulder held his planned comment and didn’t stop him.

“I take the right side,” said Alex and Mulder was in an agreeable enough mood to slide to the other side as Krycek climbed in bed.

He took the side in which he had his good hand on the outside. Able to reach for a gun and without the risk that Mulder would accidentally immobilize him during the night. It made sense.
What didn’t make sense was Krycek halting for a second, while he got in the bed. He just sat there for a second, before looking back at Mulder with a thoughtful expression. In the silent room Mulder could have sworn he could almost hear Krycek’s brain working, before Krycek shrugged and put his hand on the other side of Mulder’s head. He lowered himself slowly and kissed him on the mouth, quickly deepening the kiss.
Mulder’s hand moved to rest on Krycek’s neck, right under his hair and he kissed back forcefully, before pushing back at the other man until he moved them around so he was the one holding himself above the other. Krycek’s now free hand was creeping under Mulder’s t-shirt, touching the warm skin on his belly. They gasped slightly, interrupting the kiss, when Mulder pressed their groins together, pushing slightly.

“There’s a lube in the drawer,” said Krycek quietly, his voice deeper than usual.

Mulder raised his eyebrows at him, but only got a shrug in response.

“Is that a proposition?” he finally asked.

“Yeah,” breathed Krycek staring him right in the eyes and Mulder gulped.

“Oh… Good,” he answered slightly breathless and kissed Krycek again before managing to smirk at him. The night was short; there would be time for mocking in the morning.


Yes, like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down
Oh, like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down


Searching through the apartment again seemed pointless even to Walter, but it wasn’t as if he had any better ideas and he was desperate to stay busy to keep his mingd off the fact that he was still no closer to finding his lover. He looked through the mail and found nothing that could be any clue at all, a postcard, some bills and advertisements. The bill from the clinic caught his eye and he wondered if the doctors there were somehow involved. Sure, it had been his first thought when Scully had disappeared, but he couldn’t find any proof. All the doctors were where they should be and had alibis. There was no way to prove one of them was feeding Consortium information.
Besides the mail there was nothing else that had changed in the apartment since the investigators had searched it. There were still signs of them walking around, looking through things and gathering fingerprints. He wondered what they had made of the the male clothes they would have found or the fact that a huge amount of the fingerprints belonged to only three people. Him, Scully and of course Mulder. He wondered if it would all end well Scully won’t have to face all new kind of gossips.

When he heard the door slowly opening he jumped off the couch, caught standing awkwardly as if he was somewhere he had no right to be. He probably did have a right, but he also probably shouldn’t use it. It didn’t matter that he spent more nights here than not these days and that he had enough clothes in the bedroom to not have to go home for at least a week, maybe two. Nobody knew he had every right to be here and just stare sadly into space.

“Mr Skinner?” asked the woman sounding surprised.

“I just came in to check on some things, Mrs Scully. I wanted to be sure nothing was overlooked by investigators that are less familiar with your daughter’s usual job.”

“Oh, of course, of course,” she nodded, smiling slightly at him. “I just… I come here sometimes, I’m not sure why… It just makes me feel slightly closer to her.”

He nodded, hearing her quiet admission. She had no reason to explain herself to him and because of that it felt even better that she said something like that, as if he wasn’t caught in the apartment as an investigator, but someone who also had the right to miss Dana.

“I understand that… I mean, I think that…”

“I know what you think,” she smiled at him brighter and he frowned unsure. “Let’s just say there are things a daughter should never hide from her mother, no matter how big the risk she’s taking.”

He slowly let out a breath he realized he was holding and nodded, feeling somehow guilty. Of course she had a right to know!

“I believe you’re absolutely right,” he smiled back at her.

“She told me a few months ago,” she explained, moving towards the kitchen and starting making tea for both of them. Walter couldn’t stop a smile, it reminded him too much of his own mother, who in every crisis decided it was tea time. “Probably mostly to stop me from harassing Fox every time I had the opportunity to call him. I have to tell you I was surprised when she told me about her pregnancy, but since she’s always so secretive I assumed he must be the father, no matter how weird it might seem.”

Skinner smiled suddenly, finding that incredibly amusing that there were people in this world thinking that Mulder being the father of Dana’s baby was a completely ridiculous idea. He sat down in the corner of a kitchen, trying to stay out of the way.

“I can’t help but notice you never started harassing me, Mrs Scully.”

She turned back to him and rolled her eyes.

“She refused to give me your number. I can take a hint if it’s obvious enough.”

He could only laugh at the vision of Dana protecting him and his peace from her mother. He was somehow impressed that she had managed that too.


Mulder wasn’t exactly sure what made this day better and less awkward than the last one, but since the moment he had woken up everything just seemed as fine as it could be, considering the situation. Everything just went smoothly. Even when after calling the Lone Gunmen Mulder went to the main motel office to get the fax with the blueprints and he returned to find Krycek gone. He just sat in the room, watched some tv and ate his breakfast, waiting. An hour later Krycek came back with two extra unregistered guns and ammunition. Mulder just stared at him disbelievingly and Alex smiled back, like always without offering any information. Even that was just fine. After all if Alex was really going to try to stab Mulder in the back he’d do it in a much more subtle manner

When they started driving they were mostly silent, but at some point Krycek started talking about the blueprints and possible security at the base. They spent the time until late dinner talking about plans from A1 to Z9982 covering how they could enter the place and save Scully. By then they were both too tired to think of anything else related to the rescue mission and somehow Mulder ended up talking about how he had first met Scully and their first case together. Of course Krycek probably knew all that from other sources, but he still laughed at all the right times and listened with those shiny, curious eyes Mulder noticed on himself so often. Mulder knew Krycek could easily fake this expression, after all he had proved it all too well, but he still let the rest of his meal got cold as he talked, remembering it all with a small smile and enjoying the attention.

“You know,” started Mulder after some quiet time, when they were back on the road, “I think we should decide how ‘normal’ this kid has to be. I mean… Normal is overrated, you know?”

Krycek looked back at him and laughed quietly, shaking his head.

“As long as it’s not green and has no power to kill with its mind, I think I’m cool.”

Mulder sighed as if somehow disappointed.

“Yeah. I suppose it’s pretty normal.”

“Will you still be able to love it after we'll discover it is in fact painfully normal?” asked Krycek with obvious amusement.

“I'm not sure,” said Mulder pouting. “I suppose I may still keep hoping it will turn out to be psychic, or at least get possessed.”

“I suppose we may draw some summoning runes on the crib and hope for the best,” answered Krycek solemnly.

Mulder looked back at him with a smile. He somehow didn’t really see Krycek being in their lives once when Don Vito was safely sleeping in his crib, but he decided to not bring it up. Over-thinking Krycek’s behavior, plans and motives never ended well and never gave Mulder any kind of warning of what Krycek actually ended up doing.


Apparently the monitors acting weird sometimes around Scully’s baby was only the beginning. The baby was obviously observed now and not only by the Consortium sent doctors. The electricity was also being messed with; lights would flicker or shine too brightly, causing one of the bulbs to explode. Scully couldn’t help but notice that it was taking longer and longer for someone to notice and change it for a new one. She was pretty sure she was seeing less and less people with every passing hour, with every burst of energy she could so easily feel. Her doctors still visited her regularly, but there were less nurses, less security guys. She wasn’t sure if she was imagining the progressively more scared looks on the faces of Anna and Dr Wittersmith. She also didn’t quite know why she was not scared at all.
She could have sworn that her waters jad broken in the middle of the night, but when they wheeled her on the bed through the corridors it was brighter outside the windows than it had any right to be even in the middle of the day. But by then she didn’t really care.


When Skinner entered his office and noticed a smug-looking Cigarette Smoking Man seated in one of the chairs, he barely held in a frustrated growl. He had somehow hoped to have gotten rid of that problem.

“Good morning, Mr Skinner.”

“I’m sorry, was I not clear last time we saw each other, how much I don’t want to see you again?”

“Well, that as it may be,” said the Cigarette Smoking Man still smiling and looking way too happy for it to may be any kind of a good sign. “Now that I have some new information I thought it’d be a good idea to pay you a visit.”

Walter glared as the other man dragged on his cigarette, obviously enjoying the dramatic pause. As much as Skinner tried to look unaffected it was obvious from Spender’s smile that he thought he had outdone him this time.

“You should watch what you’re saying and where you’re doing it, Mr Skinner.An apartment through which a bunch of policemen and agents went through sure wouldn’t be a safe one…” he said in a good natured tone, as id he was giving an advice to a good olf friend who just acted recklessly.. “I’m not sure how the situation has changed in the light of Agent’s Scully’s unfortunate situation, but I believe congratulations are in order?”

Skinner clenched his jaws and concentrated on not curling his hands into fists. He had given away too much already. The Smoking Man smiled at him, letting him know that his act was poor at best.

“Also I believe the director wants to talk with you as soon as possible. I believe he was not pleased with the fact that you took over the investigation you were so obviously personally involved in.” He stood up and walked to Skinner, standing barely a step before him. “Foolish move, Mr Skinner. Very foolish.”

Walter could only pray Mulder would call soon, so he’d be able to pass on the bad news. He could only hope it wouldn’t ruin the chances of getting Dana back safely.


By the time Anna had handed her the baby, Scully knew she was not imagining the people disappearing from around her. The building was shaking from time to time and the lights outside were blindingly bright. The hum of energy could be heard in the air and the doctors looked more and more spooked as if working in an experimental military base didn’t quite prepare them for the reality of coming face to face with an alien.
When Anna took the baby away again to wash it and put it to sleep, Scully noticed that besides her, there was no one else around. She was too tired to keep her eyes open, not to mention actually question the doctor, so she finally stopped fighting it and drifted off to sleep. The last thing she saw was Anna moving back to her to patch her up and give her some painkillers.


Mulder made his way back to the table at a much quicker pace than usual and Krycek glanced at him curiously. The agent slid into his seat, but was already signaling their waitress for the check.

“What happened?”

“We need a quicker plan. They’re starting to panic and they now know more than they should. From what I gathered The Smoking Man just visited Skinner and congratulated him on becoming a father.”


“My thoughts exactly,” stated Mulder simply, putting a few bills on the check and pressing them with the coffee cup. “Move.”

They quickly made their way out and started walking quickly to their room to gather their things. Mulder looked as if he’d be happy to skip this part altogether, but he seemed to remember at last second that the extra guns and blueprints were also in the room.

“So,” started Krycek thoughtfully. “Instead of waiting until it gets dark and entering the base at night with an actual plan that has some possibility of working… We’d enter in the middle of the day and just wing it?”

Mulder smiled at him, obviously already high on the rush of adrenaline.

“Didn’t I say from the beginning it’s the best plan?”

Krycek shook his head, but didn’t speak until they were back with all their things in the car, speeding along on the way to the base. He looked suddenly at Mulder, frowning slightly as if something had just occurred to him.

“You still trust me. Why don’t you think I’m the one who told them everything?”

“Alex,” smiled Mulder as if his passenger just said something really stupid. Krycek was personally just a bit thrown that Mulder could say his name like that. “I never told you who the father is, right?”

Krycek laughed incredulous.

“As if that was so hard to guess!” he said and Mulder stared at him silently. “I didn’t tell them!”

Mulder laughed shortly and concentrated back on the road.

“I know.”


Sail on, silver girl, sail on by
Your time has come to shine
All your dreams are on their way
See how they shine
Oh, if you need a friend,
I'm sailing right behind


The cry was high-pitched and so loud, she couldn’t ignore it. She also felt as if she didn’t want to ignore it. She fought with drowsiness and pried her eyelids open to see a man standing over the small rolling bed, where her baby was bundled in warm blanket. Suddenly Scully’s eyes were wide open and she struggled to sit up, barely managing to hold herself slightly up.

“Stop it! I said stop it, you stupid son of a bitch! It’s my child, leave her alone!”

The man turned around without much interest to look at her with dead eyes. Ignoring her continued yelling he reached out his hand and touched the baby’s forehead with his palm, which was big enough to almost cover its whole head. The baby stopped crying for a moment, obviously out of breath. It lasted not more than a second or two and the cries started again, loud and desperate. Dana could only stare at the man still cursing and barely sitting straight, not able to move to him much less anything else.
Suddenly he glanced back at her, moving away from the newborn child.

“Yes,” he said in deep, emotionless voice. “It’s your’s.”

She stared after him as he left the room, apparently not finding anything of further interest to hold him there. The moment he was out the door she started struggling again, trying to stand up. Shaking and holding to anything she could for support, she made her way to the baby and picked her up, holding the baby close to her chest. With her back pressed against the cold wall for the support, she slowly slid down it, sitting on the floor and holding her baby carefully.

“See Missy?” she said kissing the little head and trying to calm the baby by rocking it lightly. “Sometimes I am right about everything, my little girl.”


The place looked as if a small cyclone had been through it. Pieces of buildings and other junk were lying around as if carried by a wind that was never supposed to be here. It was way past the point of having any thought out plan, so Alex didn’t protest when Mulder completely ignored the weak attempts of the guard to stop them and drove through the gate, smashing the stop signs.
They stopped before the main building, which looked as if it was the center of the whole disaster. While it stayed more or less untouched even the lines in the sand looked as if they were waves from the building. Mulder jumped out of the car less then a second after he parked it, but he suddenly stopped and stood still. A black helicopter was landing on the flat ground next to the building they were about to enter. The FBI agent looked back at the other man and Alex nodded his head towards the building.

“Go find her! I’ll try to stop them!” he yelled above the sound of the helicopter’s engines.

Mulder nodded in too big of a hurry to wonder if he could trust anyone. He ran into the building and followed one of the corridors, feeling as if he was running through a hospital. He almost fell, slipping on the slick floor, but he didn’t slow down.

“Scully! Scully! SCULLY!”

He stopped suddenly, falling silent. He was pretty sure he heard a voice coming from an upper floor. There seemed to be no one else around and deep inside he was already panicking that Scully had already left too. That they arrived too late; that they would never find her again. That the baby was indeed a monster and it was too late and…


He ran up the nearest staircase quicker than he thought it was possible. He could hear her clearer then and quickly, ignoring everything and not even remembering he was in a secret government facility, where he could probably learn a lot, he keep on running until he reached the last room. Scully was curled up on the floor, trying to protect herself and maintain her body heat. She was wearing a hospital robe and she looked pale and weak, but she was alive and he could already hear the panicked voice in his head quieting down. It was still murmuring things like ‘baby’ and ‘monster’ and ‘sick’, but he was too comforted by the fact that he had found her, that he did not really care.

“Scully,” he said simply and moved further into the room, already taking off his suit jacket to wrap it around her.

He stopped short when he finally noticed the bump she was holding. He looked back at her shocked and she smiled brightly as if they weren’t in the middle of serious trouble right now.

“It’s a girl,” she whispered and he laughed shortly, before finally putting his jacket around her.

“Well, as long as it’s human, I think I can cope,” he answered with a smile and looked closer at the baby. He had managed to get to both of them on time. “Can you walk?”

The face she made at the proposition was an answer enough. Quickly he went out the corridor and got a wheel chair.

“The stairs may be tricky, but I think we can work something out.”


He could feel Scully’s gaze on them, but she was tired and preoccupied with Melissa, so he hoped they could hold off the interrogation until she’d been taken care of in the nearest hospital. Krycek seemed to ignore it all and was just staring at the road ahead, but he was way too tense to actually pull it off believably. Mulder wasn’t sure when he had started noticing how tense Krycek was and he didn’t even know if he should be bothered by the fact that he knows he is.

“Who exactly was in that helicopter?” he finally asked, realizing he’d been putting off asking any questions, too busy with his ‘Scully’s back, Scully’s back, Scully’s back’ happy phase.

“The Smoking Man and some of his pawns; apparently he wanted the kid even if it was normal. As long as it was your’s.”

“It’s not mine,” stated Mulder quickly, just because he could finally admit that fact.

“Well, apparently by the time he knew he didn’t mind. He wasn’t exactly the sanest guy on this planet.”

“Wasn’t? You actually killed him?” asked Mulder incredulous.

He glanced up and saw Scully watching them in the mirror. He moved his gaze away, watching the road and shooting a look at Krycek.

“You mind?” asked Alex sounding surprised. “Don’t tell me you still actually hoped to bring him to court or whatever your idealistic head had thought up.”

Scully snorted quietly and Mulder ignored that as well. He thought that for all the trouble he went to actually find her, he sure did seem to ignore her a lot. On the other hand he was still too shaky and wired from breaking into the base and getting Scully out to bother with explaining how Krycek fit into all of this.

“It’s just hard to believe he’s actually dead… I mean, he’s like a cockroach, he always comes back. Maybe we should stake him. Or get him chained into the coffin and then bury him.”

Krycek raised his eyebrow at him, but when Mulder shrugged he gave him a small smile.

“Or burn him. Or chop his head off. Or both.”

Mulder huffed a quiet laugh.

“Is either of you going to tell me what the hell is going on?” Scully asked in that calm voice of her’s that meant trouble.

Mulder noticed Krycek is again busy with staring outside, so he just sighed quietly and met her gaze in the mirror. He smiled brightly, obviously surprising her.

“Nah. We thought we’ll wait a couple of month, until we could adopt a small boy and call him Don Vito,” he said simply and could hear as Scully sucked air angrily, ready to rant.

“You’re insane! I don’t believe you, seriously! I thought you got over it!”

“Me? So quickly? I’ll hold a grunge for the next decade!”

She huffed angrily at him, but he could see a small smile on her face, so he didn’t worry much. Of course, she probably wasn’t done with the inquisition, but he was pretty sure he managed to dodge this one just for a little while longer. At least until she was strong enough to not let him run away.

“Mulder,” said Krycek in a suddenly very serious tone “we’re not naming our son Don Vito.”

“Hey!” he yelled, noticing that Scully laughed shortly, before she apparently remembered who said that. To cover it quickly, she busied herself with calming down Melissa who had apparently woken up again. “Whose side are you on? And who let you decide?”

Krycek only smiled back at him brightly.


Yes, like a bridge over troubled water
I, I will ease your mind
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will easy your mind


When Scully was finally done with all the tests and probing they performed upon her arrival at the hospital, Skinner showed up with the agents that were working on the case. Mulder wasn’t even sure he wanted to know how many airlines got threatened with serious bodily harm and arrests to make it happen so quickly. By the time the agents on the case were done with him and his apparently dissatisfactory report, he didn’t even care.
He spent over an hour trying to explain his actions to Agent Doggett and personally he was surprised Skinner had managed to not throttle the man earlier. Of course the man did get extra points in his book for backing Skinner up during the meeting with the Director, but Mulder knew very well that such loyal behavior rarely went unpunished. The rumor mill had Doggett reassigned to a less popular department already. Normally Mulder would probably at least try to be sympathetic, but now he just had a really bad feeling about it.
By the time Doggett was done questioning him, Mulder decided he could only pray the Director wasn’t cruel enough to think about the vacant spot in the X-Files and Doggett’s insubordination and add the two together to cause Mulder’s early funeral. Or Doggett’s, it probably highly depended on good old, western way of deciding things: who reached for the gun quickest. Mulder was pretty sure Doggett was living a bit too by-the-book, so the moment hel decided to shoot his partner he’d probably have a list of rules scrolling through his mind. Mulder figured it gave him at least a half second advantage.
He finally managed to slip away from the FBI and went to the cafeteria to get himself something to eat. On a whim he also got a tuna sandwich for Krycek who was wandering somewhere in the oncology ward to avoid questioning.
Mulder wasn’t really surprised when he didn’t find the other man there. Or any other place in the hospital or around it. Krycek wasn’t exactly the type of the guy who stayed to do the paperwork. He mildly wondered if he might’ve given him a phobia, when they were partners and he made Krycek deal with the red-tape all the time. He thought it’d be a good thing to ask, when Krycek did want to see him again. He mercifully decided to give him two weeks to contact him in some way before he’d get mad enough to punch him the face on their next meeting. It took him awhile longer to notice he didn’t even consider that Krycek might never show up again.
He shrugged to himself, eating the extra sandwich so it wouldn’t go to waste. For better or worse, Krycek always seemed to come back. For now Mulder decided to go and interrupt Scully on her private moments with her boyfriend and newborn child. They probably were all wondering why he hadn’t done it already.


The End.

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