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02 October 2015 @ 05:50 pm
#149 - An Ongoing List Of Rec Posts Made From Now On (With Catchy Titles)  
My plan for rectober 2015:

1. I like this AU. (Alpha/Beta/Omega Rec List)
2. Nobody loves that asshole like I do. (Philip Anderson Rec List)
3. All the single ladies. (Pansy Parkinson Rec List)
4. Crossover af. (Crossovers with the Avengers Tiny Rec List)
5. Queer it up.
6. I will go down with this ship.
7. This is also an AU I like.
8. I generally like AUs, okay?
9. AUs are fucking best.
10. Especially, when they're queer af. (And you can believe they're not AUs.)
11. This ship is so small I feel like the goddamnt Captain Jack Sparrow, but I'm still the Captain damn it and this is my tiny submarine, so suck it.
12. I haven't seen a better pair since I tried Nutella with peanut butter.
13. I like to creep people out with those.
14. I don't care, I ship it.
15. You're on the canon ground
16. I'm in the crack ship space
17. These broke my heart - check 'em out.
18. My favourite pancackes with Nutella, peanut butter, whipped cream and marshmallows are not half as sweet as this shit.
19. I want this printed in a book form, so I can put it on my bookshelf and look at it fondly sometimes.
20. I can clearly see all that is wrong with those, but I still love them.
21. I don't even know why I like it.
22. Guilty pleasure is an understatement.
23. This is so wrong, but man, I love it.
24. Odd jobs. Including: SERIOUSLY ODD JOBS.
25. I believe in a thing called love.
26. I'm so hot, hot damn!
27. Threesomes, Moresomes, Polyamory <3
28. Were-everybody.
29. Deamon fics. I love them.
30. Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange?
Megan Moonlight: emmamegan_moonlight on October 2nd, 2015 06:59 pm (UTC)
I can't wait to read all your recs (I also wonder how many of my pairings you will rec *lol*)! I love your categories, though XD

Ugh... maybe I'll take part in Rectober, too...
andrea_deer: SH - Jim - MISSED ME?~andrea_deer on October 2nd, 2015 08:41 pm (UTC)
Thank you, I've planned to make them serious buisness, but then thought: eh, screw that XD

It is fun! And doesn't have to be like rec every day, might be once a week or whatever. I probably overestimated myself again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Aletheia Felinea: other's f-aaletheiafelinea on October 2nd, 2015 07:37 pm (UTC)
One post for each one? In a month? You workaholic...

(Recs or not, the list itself is awesome af ;)

(And looking forward to see the fills. Some are really promising. ]:> )
andrea_deer: OTHER - Happy girl by the waterandrea_deer on October 2nd, 2015 08:43 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I probably will fail af at this, but hey, the plan is fun XD

I'm glad you like the list, it started way more serious/sane, but nah. I hope you will find something enjoyale on the planned rec lists as well :D
Aletheia Felineaaletheiafelinea on October 2nd, 2015 09:30 pm (UTC)
it started way more serious/sane, but nah.
Don't you dare, this is perfect. *g*

I hope you will find something enjoyale on the planned rec lists as well :D
Yup. But even if I won't, it'll be worth seeing due of the prompts only. They'd be a reason I'd want to see what they cover even if I didn't care for fandoms and fics themselves. :)
tardis_stowaway: badass geektardis_stowaway on October 2nd, 2015 09:08 pm (UTC)
Oooh, this is so exciting! Great categories. I look forward to seeing what you rec. I think I'll try my hand at Rectober too, though not every day. Maybe twice a week? We'll see.
andrea_deerandrea_deer on October 2nd, 2015 09:30 pm (UTC)
I'm pretty sure I will fail at doing it every day, but oh, well, I might try XD At worst I'll keep on posting for longer than just October ;)

I'm glad you like the categories, hopefully there will also be some good fics in those recs :D