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It's Just Me

But That's All I Need

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2 December 1988
External Services:
  • andrea_deer@livejournal.com

Andy is my prefered name, but in RL it's Magda.
I'm Sagittarius. Dragon. Elder (the Seeker). Sanguine. INTP. Akoiromantic. Asexual. Fangirl. Amateur Writer. AFAB, Non-Binary. Hufflepuff. Red shirt.

I'm fine with all pronounces. Usually used are she/her or they/their and I also dig she/his. (I ramble more about it here, if you're curious.) But seriously, that's not something to be careful about with me, it's not that much of an issue for me. (The pronounces, not the gender-queerness.)

I was born on the night of December 2nd, 1988 in Warsaw, Poland. Currently I live with my family near Warsaw, but it was a recent development and I don't like it. I hope to change it as soon as I'm back on my feet, both in terms of finances and my mental health. Then I plan to move back to Łódź, where I lived previously and I miss this city dearly.

backroom_4_art is my icon/mix/attempts at art journal,
thenorthwing is my writing journal.
Although I'm mainly LiveJournal-centred, I also do have a:
tumblr and even dreamwidth (two dreamwidths actually).
You can also find me on you.tube
and AO3.
I also run two blogs in Polish:
Wersy z Murów - with pictures of graphitit that I've captured,
and Piątek 12-ego - with lists about various stuff.

My fandom interests include: Sherlock Holmes (BBC) (Mycroft/Lestrade, Sherlock&John, Mycroft/Anthea, Harry/Sally, John/Sally, Lestrade/Sally, Sherlock/John/Mycroft, Mycroft/John, Mycroft/Molly, Jim/Molly, Sherlock/Molly, Lestrade/Gregson, Anderson/Anyone), Star Trek (AOS and TOS so far) (Kirk/Spock, Spock/Bones, Kirk/Bones, Chekov/Sulu, Old!Spock/Gaila, Pike/Jim, Sarek/Amanda, Keenser/Carol, multi-shipper of almost evertyhing, tbh.), Teen Wolf (Derek/Stiles, Peter/Lydia, Chris/Scott, Danny/Isaac, Stiles/Jackson, Sheriff/Awesome, all rare pairs ♥), The X-Files (Mulder/Krycek, Skinner/Scully, Mulder/Krycek/Skinner, Dogget/Reyes), Supernatural (Dean/Castiel, Gabriel/Sam, Sam/Dean, John/Jo, John/Azazel, Sam/Ruby, Sam/Jess), CW RPS (Jared/Jensen, Chris/Steve, Misha/anyone, Jensen/Daneel, Jared/Genevieve, Chad/anyone), Doctor Who (Doctor/Rose, Doctor/River, Rory/Amy, Jack/everyone), Harry Potter (Snape/Harry, Draco/Harry, Fred/George, Snape/Sirius), The Avengers, Cabin Pressure, Community, Hannibal, Rizzolli&Isles, Glee, White Collar, How I Met Your Mother, RPF, Gilmore Girls, Will&Grace, Black Books, Miranda, Inception, Modern Family, Leverage, The Big Bang Theory, Californiacation, Mortal Kombat, South Park, Burn Notice, Dexter, Weeds, House MD, Gundam Wing, Gravitation. Cross Overs (Rayden/Sheriff Stilinski, 11/Molly, Krycek/Dean, Dean/Scully, Krycek/Rayden, Dean/Scully, Maxwell/House, Chekov/Molly, Wholock). My more detailed and more frequently updated list of fandoms is also posted here.


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